Little, yet Big Step

After TONS of research I have made the leap and opened an Etsy store account.  Over the next few weeks  I will be photographing and posting things to sell.

Exciting, and scary.

Moving on with my goals.  I did not initially plan on having a “store” just yet.  However, it occurred to me that I may want to have a place to send people in the event they cannot afford a product while at an event (art festival and the like.)  Maybe I can sell a few things to pay for admission fees and packing materials (apparently that could be the more expensive part since I paint / draw larger things.)

I am excited!  Moving along my path to reach my goals!  Things can become so much clearer when you just make a move, small or large.  Any move on the path is good.  I also need to clear the walls and other storage areas so I can create new things (I am a little on the prolific side.)

I am also scared.  Moving into an unknown area is challenging and scary.  No amount of research can prepare one for having a business owner (or attempting.)  There are so many things that I do not know, and do not know that I need to know.  I do not know how people will accept my art style and (by proxy) me.

I am not 100% sure on the whole pricing thing. Not many are, from what I can find.  Packing originals, some with glass…  taxes (income and sales)… fees… licenses… So many unknowns.

Another plus, I know people who know the answers, or might be able to point me in the right direction.  Friends are AWESOME!  I have been avoiding asking them much, because… well it is scary to ask for help (from another post!)

I am going to push ahead.  Success is only going to come if I try!

(I sound confident right?!)


A Humpback Angler Fish.



All the Self-Help Books…

I like to do research into things.  Sometimes the research is for a project.  Sometimes the research is prep for something I plan on doing.  Research and planning are ways I deal with the fear of doing something.

In my research I have read several “self-help” books.  “Feel the Fear and do it Anyway” by Susan Jeffers, is one of them.  I have also just finished “Guerrilla Marketing for Artists” by Barney Davey.  I have read quite a few more, but these two are stuck with me right now.

Both these books, and most of the other self help books, have at least one piece of advice in common.  You have to do things you do not like.  You have to go out and meet people. You have to go new places.  You have to do things outside of your comfort zone.  However you want to put it, it is the same.  Do stuff you do not want to do.

I started my “do stuff I do not want to do” last year.  I went some place new by myself every month.  This may not seem like much to some, but I am a serious “home body.”  I do not like to leave my comfortable and familiar home.

This small change in my routine, created tons of new art ideas for me.  I filled three sketchbooks and created many illustrations that I would never have thought to create before.  I used mediums that I had not use.  I used old mediums in new (to me) ways.  It is exciting, how just going to a new park alone changed my mind.

I was afraid of doing it, but I did it anyway.  Thank you Susan Jeffers, for that lovely phrase.

This year I am going to try to do a few more things that I do not want to do.  Most of them involve talking to people.  Talking to people about my art.  Something I have down played most of my life.

HOWEVER if I want my art to become self sufficient I need to get people to buy it. The only way to do that is talk to people, about my art. So says Barney Davey.

Ms. Jeffers and Mr. Davey are both right.  If you want to reach your goals, see your plans succeed and do that thing you want to do, you have to put yourself out there.  Feel your fear, figure it out, get over it, and succeed!  No matter how much you do not want to do that thing that stops you.

May 2016 be the year you take those steps to make your dreams reality!


Colored inks on Yupo Synthetic Paper. Even did my own calligraphy on the words. My skills are expanding 🙂



Supporting Character


Marvel Super Heroes and their Sidekicks.

I will admit that I am uninteresting to most people.  I am “mostly harmless” and “slightly above average” in most regards.  Certainly nothing that really stands out when you look at me or even talk to me.  I am a Supporting Character and that is what we do.  We downplay ourselves in favor of the stronger character, with the more interesting story.  I am James Bond’s “Q” or Batman’s Robin… well maybe not quite Robin.  One of the many Robin’s does get his own identity after a while, as Nightwing. I am still less interesting than the people I surround myself with.

Right now, I am a Supporting Character.  I support people that pass some sort of instinctual criteria that I have.  I look for the lions in the making.  People who are fighting for their dreams and goals.  The people who keep getting back up after getting knocked down, no matter how beat up they may be.

“Fall seven times, stand up eight.” Your Supporting Character will be there to help you every time.  We will brush you off, put bandages on your wounds and help you find a way to get back on the path.  That is what we do.  We are quite happy doing it to.  It is our way to touch greatness or be a part of something bigger and better than ourselves.

I would not mind being like Robin, getting my own identity after a while. I do have my own story and dreams.  They are not as dramatic as Batman’s, but they still exist.  I have been supporting the lions for quite a while, I might be ready to join them in the fight for my dreams.

It has taken a while for me to reach the point where I want to be a Main Character.  There is a crazy amount of courage required to take the steps.  You have to trust in yourself and know your limits.  You have to have your own cast of Supporting Characters.  You have to trust that your Support System will let you bounce back if you do fail.  So much courage is needed, so much trust.

I know what I am capable of as a Support Character.  I do not know if that translates well to being a Main Character.  I can only hope it is and have the courage to take that leap.  Like many of those that I have supported.


You Made IT!

Congratulations on reaching your goal.

Whatever it was.

I made it through a tough work week.  I managed to draw every day this week.  I made it thought tonight’s image (I wanted to quite several times)  I made my exercise goals.

There are so many goals that were reached and we never congratulate ourselves for making them.

You made it.  Reward yourself!

Even if it is a small as a pat on the back or 15 minutes of quiet time.  You deserve it.


You made it! You reached your goals! You should celebrate

Fight On!

For some reason Chobits popped into my head on my way home.

Chobits is an anime and manga about a robotic girl who has lost her memory.  She is picked up by an introverted guy taken home and repaired.  It is actually a good show.  Mostly about self discovery than anything weird or creepy.  I enjoyed it.

There is an episode where the robot girl, Chi, helps her new owner focus on his work by cheering him on.  She punches up into the air and shouts “Fight-O!” every time the guy gets tired or distracted.

Typing this up I remembered why this came into my head.


You can do it!  …I think my people are getting a bit better.

I have a friend who is working his butt off to reach his goals.  I am honored to know him.  I am not at the stage where I am willing to put everything on the line for a dream (it’s also not how I generally work.)  I want to support him and everyone who is doing everything they can to make their dreams come true.

This post is for everyone who is working their buns off to reach their goals.

Fight On!

You can do it!

We support you!

2015 Goals

I have taken my time to come up with some attainable goals for 2015.  Not resolutions, people break those to easily.  Goals are much better,  they are SMART, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.

Goal 1. Complete12 Fine art pieces this year.  It usually does not take me more than a month to create most of my art.  I do have pieces that are really detailed and take longer.  I also can work on more than one piece at time.  I already have 4 finished pieces and plans for 3 more.

Goal 2. Create 12 Graphic Design / Marketing packets.  This should include a flyer template, business card, and website template.  If this is not challenging enough I can add a FaceBook banner or something similar.  I have plans for 5 already.  I just have to sit down and do it. I also need to work on creating some clip art for various projects that are ongoing. I am working on some flowers, traffic jam, cars, and some monthly banners, to name a few.

Goal 3 Get healthier!  What kind of year would it be without some kind of health goal?  I would like to get healthier this year, lose a few inches and pounds.  I have a figure in mind, but with the injury I received in December (darn irresponsible dog owners)  I have not been able to work out as much as I would like. This also impacts goal 2, since it is painful to sit for more than a few minutes at a time.

Goal 4 Read 10 Books.  This is not a high goal.  I have been known to read three or four books in a 24 hour period.  I really want to finish some books that are non-fiction, Tim Wu’s Master Switch, some coding books and a few more on how social media is changing our minds and perceptions.  I do have to finish a few fiction books to.

Goal 5 (Bonus Goal) Find some meaningful volunteer work.  I have been looking and looking for some kind volunteer work that is meaningful to me. I like to help people but I have found that many people who “need” an artist are looking to take advantage of the artists skills and will work them into depression. It would be cool to help with a mural or some kind of artsy fundraiser. Perhaps an advert on Craigslist or something will help. I have not done that yet.

I am working on some bits for my tutorial series. Updates to those should be forth coming.

Have a good 2015!

You Never Know…

Today I started watching the first episode of BBC America’s Sherlock. In the opening scene Dr. Watson is having a flashback to his time in the military.  Then he speaks with his psychiatrist about his inability to write anything in his blog because,  “Nothing ever happens to me.”

I have been thinking about the things that do happen to us, or lack of things to happen (depending on your lifestyle.)  I have been thinking about what our reaction to said lifestyle.  Some of us are happy with the level of activity and some are overwhelmed and even underwhelmed. Some long for the quite boring life of a “librarian” and others long for active life of a “rock star.”

boardwalkpathFor the most part I am happy with my relatively calm boring life.  I have been to many places, more that the average American or Canadian.  I have seen things that I never wanted to and many that I wish would stay with me forever.  I have been the one to set much of the events that I have been through in motion.  All me…

The fun thing with life is you never really know what an action will set into motion.  When I went to school I was thinking that I set some events into motion that would help aim my life to something fun, challenging and interesting.  I am rather disappointed that nothing interesting, challenging or fun came from it.  Almost like it was a dead end.

I have been pondering what my next action should be.  I am not “qualified” for any of the entry level positions available.  I have driven myself into frustration trying to learn more and find a job in the field.  I still want to do fun and creative things for the internet, but I have other interests that are calling for my time.

Do I give up on the degree and pursue other interests?  Do I focus on paying the bills and have “hobbies?”  Do I try to pursue my chosen career path?

So many options and so many forks in the paths that we all walk.  Then you never know what will happen when you take a path or set something into motion.

Be Brave, Adventurer.  Walk boldly wherever you choose to go.