It’s Thursday!

And that means another blog post.
That I am not prepared for.
I did NOT do any of the business related things I needed to do today.  I did some chores and watched out takes from “Whose Line is it Anyway?”
I should have taken pictures of the postcards that came in yesterday.
I should have edited a video for YouTube tonight (should have done that a few days ago, really.)
I should have done a few other things that escape my mind right now.
I did none of those things.
I chilled.
I DID practice drawing people for 45 minutes or so.
I need to practice more so I can do some of the cool things I have planned.
The person I practiced looks very ‘derpy’ and I will need to practice several more times … or find a good way to cheat 😉
 I leave you with this cute picture that I did for valentines day.  I will post videos and what not tomorrow, that is all that is on my plate.

It’s Thursday?!

Wow, this week has flown by.
I did not post anything on Monday.  I was not motivated and I really did not have much to talk about.
Today is different.
Mostly because it is Thursday and things have been going this week.
1. I have sent off a bunch of art!  I had art actually sell and I am stoked. I have a few people that are contemplating purchases and have to wait for their paychecks.  Hopefully I will have more sales shortly.
2. I signed up for a small creepy holiday sales event.  I withdrew from the RAWk Seattle event.  I just do not have the energy to attempt to sell tickets and I cannot afford to buy out all the tickets.
3. I have started creating holiday art.  I want to have some items ready in time for the December holidays.  I already have one done and started another.  I have ideas for 3 or 4 more.
4.  I have ideas!  I have so many ideas and I am thinking about how to make them work.  Acrylic paintings and the holiday ink wash paintings.
That is about all.  I hope to be motivated to do the Monday blog post next week.


Inktober Week 3…

I know this is two days late.
Not awesome stuff has thrown my schedule (such as it is) off.
Here are the seven drawings I did for this week.
13, Kappa
14, Baba Yaga
15, Dullahan (female variety)
16, Alucard from Hellsing
17, Possessed Raggedy Ann Doll
18, A Cursed Mummy Sarcophogus
19, Minotaur and Aristophanes description of Humans before Zeus split them.  I was not happy with my humans so I did the Minotaur.
 I also did two nice little bookmarks in gouache to celebrate Friday the 13th. 🙂
It was nice to not draw for a little while.



Motivation Monday.. Revisit

Last Monday I posted a Motivation Monday without an image.  I just could not paint/draw it fast enough.  My work space was completely taken over with Inktober and a painting.  This weekend I cleared off the desk and did the painting!
The quote was from Nelson Mandela.
“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”
There are many other quotes about overcoming fear and how to be more productive. It seems to me they all really just say the same thing.  Feel the fear and do the thing. (There is a book called “Feel the fear and do it anyway” that is worth the read.)
 I like analogies.  I think things are easier to understand there is a story or analogy to go along with it. I enjoy creating visual analogies based on how I understand things.  This painting came about because I came upon a great analogy for fear while walking last Monday.
If life is like swimming/walking or something similar.  Then fear is a band or ribbon blocking your path/route.  Many are happy to just slumber and stay in the “comfort zones” and never push past tahe ribbons of fear.  They will never get anywhere but they are not concerned with that.  They are happy where they are.  If you can overcome your comfort inertia and bust through the ribbons of fear you can accomplish great things.
Anyway that is where my brain was when I thought and created this.
I did some minor editing to increase the saturation in colors.  THEN  I had fun and altered the hue to make this crazy red version.  I suppose it is more scary and shows more fear.  I did blue/green to show that there is a level of calm and comfort between the layers of fear.
Which one do you think fits the concept of pushing through fear better?
I would love to hear your thoughts.
PS.  I put out a YouTube video yesterday.  The first 15 days of Inktober!
I also put up new time lapse videos every Thursday, so subscribe to my channel 🙂


Learning from Mistakes

I was hoping this would be a happy “this is what I am doing” post. Sadly I messed up on something and feel I should share it. Hopefully I will not make the same mistake again and prevent someone else from doing the same mistake.

I did two full color puzzle paintings. I painted them in Gouache (goo-ash) for a few reasons.

1. Gouache is opaque. Any guide lines I drew on the puzzle would not show up.

2. It is something I want to practice more with. I usually use acrylic paint; for the puzzles I wanted something that was more opaque and something that I could blend more without over working the cheap cardboard the puzzles are made out of.

The down side of Gouache is that it is still water based. Get it wet (even sweat) will lift the color. Kids with sticky fingers or adults holding onto the puzzle pieces could end up with color on their hands.

I needed to seal the paint onto the puzzles. I cannot use my normal varnish, as it is wet and I would have to brush it on. I needed some spray varnish.

I went to the art store and picked up some Golden Varnish in a spray can. This said is was good to use on multiple types of mediums, including water color. I had some other things that needed to be sprayed, so this would work.

When I got home and got the lid off the can, I took my puzzles outsize and gave them a quick spray. The first one I did was the red one. It was almost all white. The blue one fared much better.

Now I have two puzzles that I cannot really use.

I have some brush cleaner that says it can remove dried on paint. I can see if it will remove the varnish from the puzzles. I put some in a sauce cup and use some cotton swabs to try to remove the varnish. I tried three times, each time the varnish would dry again and go back to white.

On a whim, I use the cleaner all over the red one, then brush some of my normal varnish over it. I hope that the “good” varnish will isolate the white and work some magic. It did not. The red one is now un-salvageable.

The blue one is better. I might be able to salvage it by repainting the background and a few touch-ups on the limbs. I am not sure if I am going to do that. I might just redo both of them and save the blue one for more varnish testing.

If I had stopped and taken a moment to look at the messed up space I would have seen that it was only on the background. The subject was just fine. I could have just put a quick coat of the background colors and tried resealing them.

In the end this is a good lesson.

Prime the spray varnish.  Let a stream of spray out of the  can to ensure that the mix was good. Who knows how long it has been sitting.

Do a test patch with a different item that has similar properties to your actual item.

Stop and look at things if they do mess up. It might be easily salvageable.


A bad varnish job. That I tried to fix three times. Lessons were learned.