Low Battery

Yesterday I ran out of “happy.”


Low battery. I usually use this term to mean that I am low on energy or the ability to interact with people.

Basally I had not had enough time to recharge my battery and was not as “customer service” as I normally am.  I let the negative things happening in my little world impact how I was acting.

I try really hard to keep up the “customer service” “happy” persona up while at work.  Things can get pretty negative and my attitude does not need to make things worse.  There are days where I think that my “happy” persona is the only reason some of my co-workers are still there.

We really support each other when the others are having a rough day.

Since I was really busy yesterday and used one of my drawings from last weekend I made sure I took the time to draw something good today.  At least I think it is good.  I kept getting interrupted and that made me slow down and focus on the lines and shapes.

Have a good weekend.

Recharge your batteries!


Go with the Flow

What I had planned for today and what happens for today are two different things.

At some point in the day I ran out of “Happy” and just did not have any more energy to deal with things.  Everything took so much effort.  Reading, typing, writing, talking, thinking, everything.

Today we have another one over the weekend.  The paper pool, or maybe one of the happier ones?

Happier it is.  In a terrible cellphone pic.  I will set up my scanner this weekend!


“Here is the truth: Your situation is never permanent. It is what you make it. Life is not solid, it is fluid, it CHANGES.”





I was really happy to get 26 views in one day last week.  Now I am at 30!

That is so cool!

Thank you for looking at my site whoever you are.  You made my day.

Maybe my drawing today will be a “Happy Dance.”



Yesterday I realized that last week was pretty negative.  I did get some funny stuff out of it, but it was still negative.

This week we are going to try a be a bit more positive… maybe.

I drew a bunch of stuff over the weekend.  If I get really busy I will use them for posts.  My goal is still to try to do a drawing everyday, even if it does not get posted.


“As long as you are moving it is easier to steer. ~unk”
Friends are always willing to give you a push to help you get moving so you can make a course change.

Tonight’s drawing I started on yesterday.  It looks WAAAY better once it was inked than it did in pencil.  The children were horrible and fat, no eyes and shapeless.  They are still not perfect, but I am going to just accept that I may never be a good drawer of people.

This is a tribute to some friends that are having a rough time of it lately.

I just want them to know that they have friends who care about them and we will totally push their soap box car until they are able to move under their own power.

Sorry it is so small.  It will not get bigger without rotating 😦

My Week in Summary


This week has been pretty good.  Yesterday was by far the day holding the week to such a high position.  I went to Michael’s Art Supply Store and got a bunch of canvases during one of those buy-one-get-one free things.  I got about 8 good sized canvases.  I also found that they modified their Military Discount to go 24/7.  I am super thankful for that.  I probably should have picked up some frame parts so I can do my own canvases, I have everything else.  I do like Micheal’s but I prefer a smaller chain, Dick Blick Studios.  They have reasonable prices all year and they ship pretty much everywhere.  I was able to get stuff in Iraq!  In addition to that, they are an actual art supply store, not more crafting, like Michael’s.

Two Guardians

I called it “Two Guardians.” The light houses guard the narrow rocky passage.

Once I got my awesomely discounted canvases home, I moved my easel upstairs (the basement is stifling my abilities) and got to work.  I have been thinking about something for my brother-in-law.  He wanted an ocean themed painting to go in his living-room, that is sea side themed.  I have been thinking about this for a while, and so it was easy to paint.  I loved being able to get something done.  A great burden lifts when I can get the ideas in my head out, be it in text or acrylic.

Even though I knew what I wanted it to look like, I had to do some research. The lighting at dawn can be weird and I needed to make sure that the lighting was as close to correct as possible.  I think it is a bit on the light side compared to the position of the sun, but it would be really dark and depressing, almost hopeless, if it was darker.  I also opted to have the lighthouse lights off.  I was not able to find good pictures of dawn lighthouses with their lights on and visible.  I did do a sneaky thing.  I painted bronze metallic on the light fixtures, that way when you walk past it they flash, like they are going off.

The other thing I like about this piece is that the sky feels expansive when you look at it.  It is 84 inches long and I really wanted the observer to see how expansive the sky could be.

I still need to work on my clouds.  For some reason I just cannot get good clouds.  These are by far some of my best, but they are still not all that great.  It was really annoying to spend so much time on them.  I think they took the longest and had the most layers (9 if I recall.)

Yes, ONE day made my week so much better.  Work was work, chores are chores, spending all of Saturday painting and drinking Earl Grey tea was the best.  Better than reading!  Better than reading in the bath tub eating bon-bons!  It was awesome.


I hope everyone has a great week!


Thanks to WordPorn on Facebook I am learning tons of new words to explain the complex desires, emotions, and thoughts that I have daily.  Today’s word is Novaturient.  It is a adjective meaning; Desiring or seeking powerful change in one’s life, behavior or situation.   Basically how most people feel when they have been doing something for a long time and know that they have grown out of a job/task and the people they work with.

TimeForChangeMany, many people have these feelings.  Many of them do nothing about it.  They just sit in their “status quo” world being miserable. Most do not think they can risk a change.  Change is hard and scary.  No one ever really wants to change.  Most people are creatures of habit and move through the day on auto pilot.  Day in and day out the same thing, hardly a deviation. 

But what if I refuse to change?  How could I break free of the daily rut or grind?  I only have a few suggestions, but they require making a change and possibly taking on extra duties.

1. Pick up a project.  Many offices have “special” projects or tasks that are short term that need to be done.  Why not spice up your job duties by trying one of these tasks.  You will meet some new people, maybe learn a new skill (or use one that has gone unused.)  This may even lead to a new position if it goes well.

2. Decorate your space.  If you work in a cubicle or have an actual work space you can try decorating it (or redecorating it.)  This usually depends on your companies work space policies.  Something as simple as changing the computer’s desktop wallpaper can make a big difference.

3.  Make a slideshow of all the fun or interesting things you get to do at work.  Every time you become unmotivated check out your slideshow or power point and be reminded of the good things about work.

4.  Take your breaks and go some place new.  Go outside for a walk or eat lunch in a new place.  Exercise is known to provide a positive change in mental status (make you happier) and new scenery is always good.

Those are my suggestions.  I am sure there are more out there, feel free to share them.  You might make someones work environment better.

Much to Post about Nothing

Ah the joys of working in an office environment during the Holiday’s.  Nothing much happens.  I have caught up on all of my paperwork, checked on my Cafe in CafeLand, poked around Craigslist, read most of the newer blog posts (even liked a few,) and now I am getting close to being bored.  No better time to come up with a post to fill the time.

First bit of Nothing

If Melancholy really was a town I was wondering how you would find it.  Most of the time I just “fall” into it, but I have noticed that one can choose to go there or take a road or path to get there.  These observations lead me to believe that Melancholy Town is in a valley with steep walls that is close to the “Road of Life.”  This way when you are walking on the road you can misstep and fall into Melancholy Town.  You can also see an exit from the main road and choose to walk down the hill into Melancholy Town.

Then I started thinking about the geographical location of the rest of the emotions.  Depression would be a dark gray, grassy plain a short walk from Melancholy Town, you can take a visit to Blah ditch as you head over (just in case you do not want to be Depressed.)  When it comes to Anger I start to have problems with my map.  Anger could be some mountains on the far side of the Depression Plains, or it could be a boggy swamp.  Most people think that Anger is in opposition of sad, but both emotions feed into each other and Depression can be a symptom of Anger and vice versa.  I think mountains because they can naturally be shades of red, though a swamp is dark and will “suck” people in just like anger can.  Maybe a mountainous region surround by a bog?  I am going to have to sketch this out one day.

I did not really thing of the positive emotions.  Joy and Bliss would have to be on the other side of “Road of Life.”  I envision lovely brooks and meadows as far as the eye can see.  Some rivers and lakes for the “deeper” emotions.


Second bit of Nothing

Working with spread sheets on a daily basis can be really draining.  I feel like my brain is going to ooze out my ear at any moment.  When I finally got everything updated and calculated I was bushed (part of the reason I am close to bored.)  As much as I love Excel, I hate it at the same time.  I would love to just have each cell input as I think about the contents of it.  If math needs to be done, just mystically happen.  Automatically know that I want the cell formatted as text and not general (who wants a 8 digit number to turn into a date?)  I have had to do a lot of reconciling of various records and files with other programs and databases.  Some were much easier than others.  My brain still feels like mush, just thinking about it makes it mushier.

My Third bit of Nothing is/was kind of negative.  I was thinking about the people that protest in front of the Planned Parenthood.  I wonder if they were going to keep to their Thursday ritual and spread hate during the holidays.  I hope not.  That is already a bad thing to be doing.  Protesting during the holidays instead of spending time with your family is just stupid, borderline moronic.

Well, I think that is pretty much all I have right now.

I tried to add some photo’s but my office computer is blocking the popup.

Maybe some artist out their can come up with a sketch for what geographical emotions would look like.  It sounds like an interesting project.  I might work on it too.

Happy Holidays