Supporting Character


Marvel Super Heroes and their Sidekicks.

I will admit that I am uninteresting to most people.  I am “mostly harmless” and “slightly above average” in most regards.  Certainly nothing that really stands out when you look at me or even talk to me.  I am a Supporting Character and that is what we do.  We downplay ourselves in favor of the stronger character, with the more interesting story.  I am James Bond’s “Q” or Batman’s Robin… well maybe not quite Robin.  One of the many Robin’s does get his own identity after a while, as Nightwing. I am still less interesting than the people I surround myself with.

Right now, I am a Supporting Character.  I support people that pass some sort of instinctual criteria that I have.  I look for the lions in the making.  People who are fighting for their dreams and goals.  The people who keep getting back up after getting knocked down, no matter how beat up they may be.

“Fall seven times, stand up eight.” Your Supporting Character will be there to help you every time.  We will brush you off, put bandages on your wounds and help you find a way to get back on the path.  That is what we do.  We are quite happy doing it to.  It is our way to touch greatness or be a part of something bigger and better than ourselves.

I would not mind being like Robin, getting my own identity after a while. I do have my own story and dreams.  They are not as dramatic as Batman’s, but they still exist.  I have been supporting the lions for quite a while, I might be ready to join them in the fight for my dreams.

It has taken a while for me to reach the point where I want to be a Main Character.  There is a crazy amount of courage required to take the steps.  You have to trust in yourself and know your limits.  You have to have your own cast of Supporting Characters.  You have to trust that your Support System will let you bounce back if you do fail.  So much courage is needed, so much trust.

I know what I am capable of as a Support Character.  I do not know if that translates well to being a Main Character.  I can only hope it is and have the courage to take that leap.  Like many of those that I have supported.


One Flower at a Time

Busy already… or is it again?

I am working on TWO large scale drawings. The largest one is 3ft by 4ft, the largest sheet of paper I could buy at Blick.  It is intimidating to start something so large with one nib and stylus… 12sq feet is huge.  Having painted large walls and theater sets, this is not the largest project I have undertaken.  Just, teeny pen and all that paper to cover.

How does one do it?

One section at a time.

I avoid looking at the thing as a whole, as much as possible.  This section is blossoms or hair or leaves.  Nothing else exists until this section is done.  One stroke, one shape, one flower at a time.

You do have to step away from time to time to asses the drawing as a whole.  Are the parts going to come together properly?  Is this line going to meet with that line?  Are the colors going to work?  Where does this go?

It really is the same as a rough time in life.  Take it one hour, day, week, month at a time.  Do not look at the big picture.  It is immense and intimidating.  You do what you can to make it through an hour.  Then the day.  Then the week.  Soon you have made it through a whole month.  You still need to step away every so often to make sure that you are on the right path, that things are going to fit together.

Life is challenging and happens to everyone.  We all go through easy times and times that test our abilities to cope.

I have an outlet for these things.  I draw it, or representations of it.  I am very thankful for this.

Not everyone has an outlet that is healthy.  People get into drugs, sex and violence.

I know I am not equipped to help much.  I can be an ear, an arm, a rock.  Each of us can do little things to help those in our circle.  In the end it is up to each person to live their life.  To draw their own picture.

Letting someone help with your drawing is hard.  You are letting someone else’s “soul” touch yours.  Even the tiniest bit of help will change your drawing.  It is hard to step away from the drawing long enough to check the progress and see if the help is working.

Yet it must be done so you can see if things are where they should be.

Work on your drawing, one flower at a time.


Hydrangeas! Lots of them. This is just one corner. I just started planning out the 1/3rd of the drawing.



Yesterday I realized that last week was pretty negative.  I did get some funny stuff out of it, but it was still negative.

This week we are going to try a be a bit more positive… maybe.

I drew a bunch of stuff over the weekend.  If I get really busy I will use them for posts.  My goal is still to try to do a drawing everyday, even if it does not get posted.


“As long as you are moving it is easier to steer. ~unk”
Friends are always willing to give you a push to help you get moving so you can make a course change.

Tonight’s drawing I started on yesterday.  It looks WAAAY better once it was inked than it did in pencil.  The children were horrible and fat, no eyes and shapeless.  They are still not perfect, but I am going to just accept that I may never be a good drawer of people.

This is a tribute to some friends that are having a rough time of it lately.

I just want them to know that they have friends who care about them and we will totally push their soap box car until they are able to move under their own power.

Sorry it is so small.  It will not get bigger without rotating 😦

New Art Project: Help Needed!

I have a large art project brewing in my noggin.  I have been “building” it for a few years now.  I have the “how” all worked out.  Now I just need some information, someone to take it when I am done and a clean garage to build it in.  It is going to be rather large.

My art piece is going to be a “installation” piece.  Big and interactive.  Sitting in a chair on the bottom left you will see yourself in “the pit of despair” or the bottom of the proverbial pit. The lowest your life could go.  In the top right corner (accessible by a ladder or similar) will be the person who is offering to help by the means of a rope down a hole.

Looking up you will see a tiny spot of life and a rope leading to it.  From the top you will see a deep pit but nothing that is in it.  My goal is to show what it looks like from a person who is at the bottom of their life from two points of view.  The victim and the supporter.  To do this I need some more information.


I have not had anything really bad happen to me.  I have never been at the bottom of a pit, with the feeling that I could not get out.  I am usually the supporter, trying to help people out of the pit, with a bit of rope.  It is hard to show something when you have not experienced it. 

I have many friends my spouse and I have helped over the years.  I know what it is like to help. It is hard.  All of these experiences have accumulated into this desire to create an art piece that will show others who have not been in either situation what it is like.

What I Need:

This is going to come out inconsiderate. I apologize in advance.  I am trying to understand and build something, not offend anyone who is willing to help.

I need to know about your experiences at either end of the spectrum. 

What was it like to be at the bottom of the pit?  What did you feel / see / hear / understand? How did it effect your view of the world and the people that were trying to help?

What was it like to watch someone falling or struggling at the bottom of the pit? What did you feel / see / hear / understand? How did it effect your view of the world and the people that you wanted to help?  What did it change in you?

Here is the really insensitive bit.  I do not NEED the whole story.  I will take the whole story and work it into the piece, if you want to share it.  You do not HAVE to share the whole thing if you do not want.  My real interest is the feelings and how it changed your perception of the world, during and even after.

I will not share your story or information without your consent.  Take whatever steps you wish to ensure your security. I am not interested in injuring anyone over this.

Second Thing I Need:

I do not want to keep this when I am done.  I am making it to share with others.  I will need some help finding it a home.


Thank you for reading my post today.  Thank you, if you choose to send anything my way.


You can email me at

The Road to Learning

Holy Smokes!  I have been looking into the WordPress themes and their creation and I have to say that this is going to be tougher than I thought.  I might have to start taking some online classes or something.  Reading a book and following along with a few tutorials is NOT going to cut it.  Every time I look at something I get more lost. 

Is it standard to only be able to have 5 or 6 nav buttons / links per line? My big question right now is how can you – OR – Can you adjust a theme’s nav bar to be able to add more pages without it going to the next line? 

Every time I look at something I end up leaving one function to go to another function to another and so on.  This is getting kind of annoying.  I am pretty sure the real problem is my lack of understanding PHP and WordPress in general.  I am already missing the “basic” HTML and CSS layouts with the JavaScript bits. 

Enough complaining!  I do like the ease of use on some things.  It is pretty easy to install plugins and widgets and get them to work.  I also like that WordPress sites usually look very professional, well business casual anyway.  I have only seen one Worpress site that was visually horrific.  The site designer let the client walk all over the design. *shudder*  No I am not going to pass on what site it is, that would be rude and unprofessional.  I also am generally impressed with the number of plugins and widgets you can get. There is a way to add just about everything that a person would need.  If you can’t find it put the idea out there and some coding genius will make it happen.  Awesome!

If anyone can recommend a good set of WordPress instructional vids (free would be amazing) it would really help me out 🙂 




Asking for Help and Society

I was walking home today thinking about the problem I blogged last time.  I realized that I still had not asked for help from the online community or any of my former classmates that are better at coding then I am.  I got to thinking about why I had not asked for help yet. 



What makes it so hard to ask for help?

Personally I find it hard to even ask for help to open a pickle jar.  I always chalk it up to not wanting to bother someone with such a small problem.  It’s not like I need pickles, I just want pickles.  It’s not my fault the jar is stuck closed.  It’s not my fault that I am a female and my hands are to small and weak to force the jar open.  It’s not my fault that the hot water did not do its job or that banging it on the counter did not break the seal either.  All of these things are pretty much beyond my control, yet I feel shame that I cannot get the jar open.

When did it become shameful to ask for help?

I do not remember having qualms about asking for help when I was younger.  It seems so natural that you would ask for help from your friend or classmate that is good in math, or your teacher if you are having trouble with your verbs.  Even asking your parents for help was not a big deal.

Sometime in my late teens I think societies standards of behavior started messing with some key concepts.  Asking for help should not be hard.  I doubt it was school that made me think asking for help was shameful, it was probably how I saw my parents.  Strong pillars that did not need help to stand, even if they were asking and receiving help.

As an adult with a degree and some world experience under my belt, I have found so many things that make me question the way things are done, things like asking for help.   These things are not going to change just because they are questioned.  Society has structures that we are supposed to follow when presenting ourselves and that is not going to change easily.

Somewhere along the way we decided that everyone should stand alone and that no one should help where others can see. Even online we don’t really ask for help, we pose questions and hope for answers.  Very rarely do you find someone that will directly ask for help and even more rare is someone who will give help without expecting anything in return.

ImageThere are so many things that I cannot do alone or at all.  I do not think that I should feel shame in asking for help when I want a pickle or when I get stuck on a problem.  While it may not be easy to admit that I cannot do something, I should not need to feel shame in asking for help.  In addition no one should feel shame in helping someone and they should not feel that a reward is mandatory.

We are all just trying to live with what we have.  We all have handicaps, things we are great at and things we are bad at.  I would think that the best way to get through life is to acknowledge that you need help and you have help to offer.  Wouldn’t that reduce stress and increase our faith in our fellow man?