Slow Week, Art Wise

I have not done a lot of art this week.  I did a lot of cleaning over the weekend, worked, errands, and just kind of recovered from the rush of the skulls.  Sometimes doing a series in a rush, like I did, just drain the artist and a recovery period is needed.  I do not do much cleaning when I am in a rush like I was, so that was a huge thing to get done.
My cell phone died on Valentines day.  I woke up and the alarm had not gone off, the screen would not turn on and the notification light was blinking away.  I spend most of the day running around doing errands.  I had to take stuff back to the print shop because the prints were not cut right and some of the cards had weird lines on the insides… Can not sell stuff that is messed up!
Today I did a loose illustration style ink wash painting of one of my cats, Nunzio (he is named after a body guard in the Myth Adventures book series.  Totally worth reading if you like punny stories.)  I was going for something that reminded me of a storybook that I might have read as a child, something that is still used in books or in magazines.
This style was hard to do!  I like to have details and vibrant colors and a lot more definition in my work.  Not with this style.  This is pale, low color saturation, and just loose, and soft.  It was so hard to stop adding things.
I also did this on watercolor paper, usually I use Bristol, which is very smooth and a brilliant white.  Watercolor paper let the inks bleed and feather more easily, so things are just naturally softer.  I did not have to work as hard to make them seem soft.
I will be doing several more in this style on the watercolor paper.  I have been practicing drawing people so I can freehand them on this paper.  I have to practice and not use my light table like I would normally.  I got a watercolor paper block.  Which is a bunch of sheets of paper glued together on the sides.  This helps prevent warping for those of use who are to lazy to stretch or iron our paper (I did not even know that was a thing until last year.)
I am trying to get my Instagram account follower numbers up to 300.  When I get there I am going to do a drawing for a mouse pad with the Grunge Skull on it.  If you are interested in a super cool mouse pad follow me on Instagram @bycarissac.


PAX again

Time for PAX again.  This means that my art will be  on the back burner for a while.

I have been working pretty consistently on several different projects.

My focus has been loose and I have 4 things going on right now… maybe 5…  Either way, they will get done eventually.

The weather has not been helping much.  Living in an old house without AC is troublesome to say the least.  The heat saps my energy and motivation.

This is something I did for an acquaintance.  She is a pretty awesome person.  Sometimes art just happens because you find that someone inspired you to make art.  A muse of sorts.  It does not have to be a close friend or anything.  Sometimes it might even be someone you dislike.  If it motivates you to create, who or why does not really matter.


Daisy’s for a friend done in inks:)


Inktober Review

October was very busy for me. The main reason I did not have a blog entry for the month.

October is special to me.  I love Halloween and it is known as Inktober to artists who like to draw with pen and ink.  If you just want to draw and dislike ink, you can participate in Drawlloween instead.

Not only did I draw everyday.  I took Vacation time!  Well Staycation time.  I did not do much other than housework and draw.  Lots of drawing.  I did go to Jet City Comic Show and saw some great art.

You can check my Instagram account (@bycarissac) for ALL of the art I did for Inktober and any progress images I posted.  I was able to get 27 of 31 drawings done.  That is really darn good.  I got sidetracked a few times with drawing big or intricate pieces.

Not all 27 are here.  I have given you the ones that I like the best.  Which is most.

I hope you like these ones that I have shared.


Witches Garb, left hand


Done in Conte with my left had.

OctoCostume SevenWitches ScareCrow BatsInTheBelfrey ScribbleSkull SquishPumpkins GhostItTheAttic IFitsISits ItsyBitsySpider


The kitty wants the mouse.


Scribbles! This was so fun


A few more spiders and this guy might have some cloths.


OctoberFest and Breast Cancer awareness, two other things October is known for.


Eyeball soup.


A few of my favorite Halloween things.


A One-Eyed One-Horned Flying Purple People eater. He has run into some back luck and is resorting to self help books to try and make a change.


60 hours and an estimated 1,188,000 dots.
I think this is my best work this year


No Title Seems to Fit this Post

It has been a little warm for me here in the great Northwest.  Yeah, 85 (ish) is not hot to some, but it is uncomfortably warm for me.  I do not like hot.

I did do some doodles on Friday, but they were very blah, and not worth showing.  I managed to finish one of the drawings in my phobia series late in the evening when the heat had dissipated.  I started on the next one on Saturday.  It is almost done already.


I had fun with this one. It was easy to do and I did not have to force anything.

It is kind of amazing how some works of art just flow out of you, unstoppable and virtually error free.  While others you have to force out, drop by drop.  Both types usually look equally nice.  Personally, I do not get more or less satisfaction from finishing either type.  Both give a type of joy when done.  Easy ones give joy because they were easy and you were at piece most of the time.  Tough ones joy, because it is finally done and you can rest.

The other thing that amazes me…  is how adding black ink makes a pencil drawing so much more alive.  This is really true for a lot of things.  Adding black to paintings for shadows and to add depth really makes certain things “pop” in paintings, makes them almost more real, in a way.  It astounds me to start a drawing in pencil, sketch out everything, exactly where I want it, and then draw it in ink.  It is amazing how much more tangible the final thing is.

It is not an idea anymore.  It has become a real thing.


This one was really hard to get out. I had trouble finding a good view point for reference. Everything just feels wrong to me.


I am not sure if I will be posting anything this week.  It is going to be busy.

I am also still adjusting to not having the convenience of my net-book near my drawing space.  It is a bit annoying to have to move from one work space to another.  I lose my train of thought (one of the reasons for no post of Friday, I got distracted.)

Have a good week!

Well, That Did Not Go As Planned

I had a lovely post planned for tonight. It was about my dislike of Tuesday. I even had a little cartoon planned for it. I even had a backup post planned!

I got home, finished  the coulrophobia ( clown phobia) drawing. I did a few quick sketches  for my arachnophobia (spiders) drawing.
I had a bright idea to go for a walk before I started my blog post and comic. Even better, I asked my spouse and a friend  if they wanted to go.  Two and a half hours, four miles and a cheese burger later, we got home.  I had 30 minutes to finish of a spider sketch and start winding down for the night.

That is the story of why there is no new material for you awesome people tonight.

On a plus side, I have two illustrations to scan (three if I work hard tomorrow.) I will be able to post them this week. Yaaaay!

Here is something I drew for just such a situation.


Actually, I may have shared this before. I am on a tablet and I do not want to risk losing my work to check the gallery.


Brain Trust

Most of us have had a job that does not take much brain power to do.  My spouse has just gotten one of those. Needless to say he comes home claiming to have lost IQ points.

Since I got my drawing pens I figured I would practice and draw something that would reflect his new job.

A Brain Check. Like a Coat Check but for brains!  Complete with kind of iffy looking attendant.


Brain Trust. A Coat Check for your brain. Use with caution, they seem a little shady. 😉

On a more professional note…

I remembered one of the reasons why I have not done much drawing in the past.  It takes FOREVER.  The above illustration (comic if you want to call it that) took two hours.  I started sitting nice and tall and took brakes every 15 min or so.  Yet I was still hunched over my table, my face inches from the end of the pen.

I apologize to any of my artist friend who I may have insulted.  Drawing is hard and time consuming.  You have to plan EVERYTHING.  Double check your lines and make sure you are not pressing to hard with your pencil.  You never know how the image will scan or photograph.  ugh…

Props to all you pen and ink artists.

I have two different brands of pens that I am using.  Faber-Castell (came in a set) and Micron (bought the two smallest sizes.)  I am really preferring the Micron pens.  They seem smoother when I draw with them. I also like having the size on the pen. 005 or 02 is more meaningful to me than S or B.

Night All!

A Better Whine

Today is one of those days where I wish I was better.

I wish I was better with Photoshop.  I wish I was better with Illustrator.  I wish I was better with code, so I could be better at web design.  I wish I was in better shape.  I wish I was better at being motivated to do stuff.  I wish I was better…

stop whiningWishing is not going to make me better at any of the things I want to be better at.  Doing them will.  Doing is much harder than wishing.

Honestly I would much rather be painting instead of working in Photoshop or Illustrator.  Unfortunately I need a nice clean digital image for a poster I am working on.  That means Photoshop or Illustrator.  That means headaches, backaches, numb butt and lots of clicking and cursing.

Through this endeavor I will get better at digital illustrations (and I rolled by eyes after I typed that.)  I love digital illustrations or computer graphics as most people call them.  I just do not want to be the one creating them.  Give me a photo to put into a design and I am a happy camper.  Make me make one and now I am crabby (posting on WP instead of working on it…)

Alas, I cannot find a suitable photo for my poster.  Now I have to make one.

I doubt I would get so crabby if I did not sit in front of a computer all day anyway.  Now I have to spend my free time in front of a computer NOT killing electronic representations of fictitious and mythical beings (World of Warcraft for me,)  I have to W.O.R.K.

WHHHHYYYY can’t the image be available (and free?)  That would just be to easy.

Alright.  I am done whining.  I will get to work.  I might even post my finished product.  Hopefully it will be done next week, AFTER PAX.

A little whine and back to the grind.