Almost Christmas!

Christmas is three days away!
I bet the young and young at heart are excited.
The Holiday season is hard for lots of people.  We remember friends and family that have past.  You might be one of the many that are in a seasonal relationship or not in a relationship.
Make sure everyone feels the love of the season, so give your Scroogy friends a big hug and invite them over (if you can.)  The invitation means a lot even if you are sure they will decline.  Who knows, they might surprise you!
Today I have lots of art to share.
First it is Time-Lapse Thursday.  A new video is available to watch on my Youtube channel, or you can watch it below.  Santa has come to town!
Next up is these two Christmas wreaths I did.
One is creepy and the other less so.
The first one has metallic gold paint for the background.  It looks very nice in person.  It has a good feeling of depth.
The second has a gold leaf background.  It also looks better in person.  The gold leaf does take over the image though.  I will not be using it as a background anytime soon.  It is definitely better as an accent.  It is extremely shiny though.
I will not be making prints of the second one.  The gold leaf just does not photograph or scan very well (as you can see.)  The creepy wreath will be available next year.  Maybe I can do a Christmas in July thing. hmmmm….
I am already starting to plan new things for 2018 and trying to figure out what shows and events I want to do. (Gotta get a new business licences first.)
Merry Christmas!

Time-Lapse Thursday

I am still not sure about the title.
Should I move my video releases to a different day of the week?
Here is this weeks video.
 In other news:
I am having a fight with my current project.  The gold leaf and I are not working well together.  I am going to pick up some new glue, hopefully that will help.
I should have some art on display at a local game store.  I have to take a few pictures things so he can make sure they work for his store.
I am planning new stuff for 2018 already.  I hope to be able to participate in some Valentine’s Day events.  So you will see some really crazy weird art in January to sell.
I am open for commissions.  Art is a great gift!


Did I Miss Anything?

I do not think so….


Maybe a checklist to double check.


  • I finally have ALL my available Christmas stuff in the store.
    • Even one that got overlooked yesterday, which is the one for the video!
    • It is in the store!  There are prints and greeting cards available for it.
  • I added stuff to the gallery, including two new pages.  One for my Acrylic paintings (more to be added) and a page for Misc art, such as colored pencil, gouache, and the random things I end up making.
  • I uploaded a bunch of art to Pinterest.
    • I might add stuff to DeviantArt later, it is not high on my list.
    • I should update my Facebook Albums also..
      • There is so much to update!  I spend almost 3 hours updating things for every new painting I do.
  • Writing blog post
  • New video is available on my Youtube!
    • It is nice to change up what I paint.  This was a lot less “fiddly” than the portrait style paintings I usually do.
      • Do not forget to subscribe and like!
        • In order to get a custom URL I need subscribers and likes.  If its a huge help when you take that millisecond to click.
  • I posted to Patreon yesterday, so I do not have to do that today.
    • If you want to see what I posted you will have to support me on Patreon, even a $1 will unlock early views and secret videos.

I think that is it.

Time to work on more art!

I did a Give-Away

I have reached a landmark on my Instagram (@bycarissac) account of 200 Followers.  So I did a drawing… more of a raffle.  I used two of my Inktober paintings as prizes.
I will do another contest when I hit 300 followers.
 Tomorrow I will do a similar drawing for my Facebook account that reached 200 the day after Instagram did.  The prize will be two other Inktober paintings.
 One Day I imagine being able to hold give-away contests on YouTube and even this blog.
Today I started working on an octopus painting I started a few months ago, but set aside to work on commissions and Inktober.  I am also in the planning stages for another set of drawings that will be made into a coloring book.
Today another time-lapse video was uploaded to my YouTube Channel today.  It was the Flash inkwash drawing.
That should be all the news I have.
Have a great week!


Keep on Working

Lots of things have been going on this week.
1. I should be starting a new full time job in a few weeks.
This is good, financially.  I will be able to get more prints and other merchandise.  I think stickers would be fun.  I will also be able look at doing more events and getting assistance with marketing.
While I will have less time to work on art, I think I will be more focused.  I will be taking the bus to and from so I will have time to sketch and plan things.   Previously I was walking to and from, so I was building things in my head as I went to and from work.
This should not be to much of a change art wise.
2. New video on youtube today!
It is the hydrangea and daisies on the little wood panel.  Cute, relaxing, and fun.
3. I have a few events coming up:
  • Bizzare Bazaar in Seattle at Spooked in Seattle on October 28th.  Stop by and see me and my creepiest art.
  • Right after that is Jet City Comic Show, November 4th and 5th.  I will have my nerdiest creations, plus the rest that I usually have.  I do not really want to make tons of fan art.  I would rather make things that are new and different.
  • I am still going to do RAWk Seattle on December 13th at Studio 7.  Let me know if you would like to support my entry by purchasing a ticket.
4.  I finished The Flash art.  I am not happy with it.  This happens from time to time.  It was not fun and nothing seemed to work out with it.  I am not even sure I want to spend the money to get prints of it.
I have moved onto a Batman Janus head.  There are layers of nerd in this one.  It makes me happy.
Plus Batman is awesome.  Not as awesome as Dracula, but pretty awesome.
5. INKTOBER!!! It is that time of year again.  I have a lovely list to work from and many of them are already built in my head.  Follow me on Instagram (@bycarissac) to see what I am working on.  The good versions will be made into prints and sold at the Bizzare Bazaar!
6. I ordered a small banner for ArtByCarissaC, new business cards, and post cards.  Round one of postcards came in this week.  I ordered 5 designs, pictures are on my Facebook and Instagram or you can go to the Social Media page and see the Instagram feed.  More will be coming next week so keep checking back.
Let me know if you can think of anything that would be cool to sell.  Variety is good.
Below is the finished Flash piece…. well a version.  I was goofing around and put on a “night vision” filter in Photoshop.  Now it looks like someone has broken into The Flash Museum.


I used the below image as reference for the drawing.  I wish I could find the link, but it is not showing up.  I cannot recall what search criteria I used.  I only did the first four.  After that is is either Barry or Wally in the suit and in all reality the only thing that changed was the style it was drawn in (and lightning bolts / redish engergy aura.)FlashHistory

Knock on Wood

Yesterday (Wednesday) started out pretty well.

The good started on Tuesday.  I got paid for PAX (earlier than expected -WOOT) and paid for my part time gig.   I was able to plan out how to take care of some bills.

Tuesday evening was productive, painted and ordered postcard prints of a few of my creations.  Even though it was cold,  I dyed my hair purple. I got things done and was pleased with my progress.

Work was pretty easy (Wednesday.)  There are still things I am not sure about with the job, but I can count things (most of the time!)  Even the ride back home was mellow.  I got to chat with a new co-worker.

Then the financial issue rears it’s ugly head.  Now I have no access to my pay checks to order prints or post new art on Etsy.  I have a few dollars in cash and I just put money on my bus card (thank goodness.)

When (if) the bank calls me back, I can try to get things coordinated again.  Forward movement is great.  Being stuck in a pit or haning off a broken rope bridge is not fun.  It is worse when there are things activly pushing you back down.  Be it slippery pit walls or Mola Ram trying to take your heart out, up and out is the goal.

In art related news:

  • Today is new time lapse thursday!  Check out my Youtube Channel for the new video!  Subscribe so I can get a personalized URL 🙂
  • Stuff is on Etsy.  I have some prints and several original creations.
    • I am looking for feedback on improving my listings.
    • I hope that you will share my store with people who are interested in buying art.
  • I have two creations on my table.  Both are in preparation for Jet City Comic Show.
    • I have a whole bunch of others in the final stages of planning.  Even a few for Inktober.


Up Coming Events!

  • Spooked in Seattle Bizarre Bizaar – October 28th.  I will be selling the spookiest of my creations, including some new ones (duh!)
  • Jet City Comic Show – November 4th and 5th.  I am a guest of TerraCrux Games!  Nerdy Fan art will be on sale.  Plus help me pay for Holiday RAWk by purchasing a print pack!
  • Holiday RAWk – December 13th.  My second attempt to particpate in a RAW Seattle event.   This time there is a lot of notice and I will be creating Christmas and other Holiday season art for this.


As soon as I have my finances straight  I will be setting up print packs.  They will be on sale on Facebook and Etsy as well as any events I am able to do.  Remember support a living artist.  We need the money and acknowledgement.  The dead artists are well past those needs.  ❤


Djinn (genie) based off some art from Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.  I will have prints of this available at Jet City Comic Show.



I Suck at Sales

I suck at sales

I am sure I have said this many times, and will continue to say it. I am pretty terrible at sales.

I could not sell water to a dehydrated billionaire in the desert. Even if it was their “brand” at their “price.” I just suck at it.

Being scouted for the RAW Seattle event serves to remind me at how bad I am at it.

It is frustrating.

I do not know what I do/say or don’t do/say that make it hard for people to buy things from me, but it is there. Like some sort of intangible field around me.

Since I have constantly had failures at selling a variety of things, news paper to knives, even art, I have a healthy dislike for selling things.

They say you should start with your friends and family. Practice on them…

Yeah…. Riiiiiiight.


Heart of Gold. Inspired by Halsey and Metropolis

All I really know is that I feel like I am harassing my friends and family. “Support Me!” “Buy my stuff!” “Pay attention to me.” “Give me money.”

I feel like I should just do a “GoFundMe” and beg strangers for money. Though, with my track rate it would not get past a pity donation. But it would be passive sales and I would not have to keep pushing people, who I genuinely like, for the sale.

Today I “hit up” about 90% of my Facebook contacts to buy tickets to the RAW Seattle art show. I am not going to say how few that is. This whole selling thing makes me embarrassed at how small the number of contacts I have. (Quality over quantity – right?)

I got a few friends that responded right away. I love those friends. They made it so easy and even though I feel bad about “hitting them up” they made me feel a teeny bit less bad. (Just got my first sale! She gets an extra print of her choice! Yippie!) It still feels wrong to bother people for these kinds of things.

You should notice what kind of words I use… it is important. “hit up,” bother, beg, push. That is how I think about sales. It is pretty negative and aggressive. I do not like to be that way.

I would rather ask if you would do something than try and sell you on the idea of it. Sneak it in during a conversation, vs just walking up and saying “Wanna buy some tickets?” I find it hard to initiate conversation with others that I do not know reasonably well.

Funny side note. Imagine two introverts hanging out at a coffee shop. Both not sure on what to say to initiate a conversation. Been there, it was awkward. Thankfully we moved past that and are good friends now, only slightly awkward conversations over chai.

In the end I did it. I am pushing myself to sell these tickets to the show. Because it is important to me. You can do amazing things when properly motivated.

PS. Check out the link to support me buy buying a ticket for the RAW Seattle FIXATE show.