Special Request

I was not sure what to draw today.

Then a co-worker asked me to draw them “going postal.”

I know what they meant… and I know it was not this.  It is what they get 😉

I am not sure what is really going on.  Someone is quitting their job and joining the USPS.  Lack of postage seems to have something to do with it, since they left a stamp on their resignation letter and the words “Insufficient Postage” on it.


I am not sure what the straw that broke this camels back was, but it seems that it had to do with short postage… I do not think joining USPS is going to make things better. On the other hand things do not always make sense when one goes postal.


Cutting the Dead Wood

Today is just like any other day.  I got up, wishing to go back to bed.  Finished my morning routine (mourning the loss of my freedom routine) and went to work.  I have not felt optimistic about work in a long time, very long time.  I went to the gym after work, came home ate, read for a bit and went for a walk.

A book inspired me to ask myself a question.  What is your dream?

follow-your-dreams When I was a child I envisioned myself as an artist.  Drawing everything under the sun and making worlds with my pencils and crayons.  People would travel far and wide to see my work.  I did not conceive of making money of my works, just sharing a new world with everyone.

Now my dream is to make stuff.  I dream of making art in a variety of forms. I want to make useful things, pretty things, things so ugly they are cute.  I want to paint images so big that you lose yourself in them, you see the tree within the forest, the light when blinded by the sun.  That is my dream.


The desire for fame and fortune can enslave us all. Sir Meliagrance Kneeling before the Queen by Helen Jacobs.

Today I decided that I will stop LOOKING for a job.  I will stop minimizing myself to one page, Arial, 11pt.  I will stop defining myself in keywords and buzz words.  I will no longer prostrate myself before big businesses that cannot see and employee as a person, an investment instead of an expense.

I will make things.  I will suffer my day job, to pay for materials for my dream.  I will paint the tree in the forest, the light that shines from the sun.  I will knit a scarf, a hat, a blanket.  I will build a website, bird house or cat tree.  I will stop wasting my time one an endeavor that is not going anywhere.  I will use my energies on  making things.

I will make them because I want to and because I can.  I will make things for friends and family.  I will make things because they sound interesting or fun.  I want to share the bit of my ‘soul’ that went into making the thing.

If someone wants something I have made, they can have it.  If they want to pay for it, so be it.  But it was not the reason the thing was made. It was made so I could share the world.

No more dead wood blocking my path.  I am going to work on my little dream.



We measure ourselves off the successes and failures of others. We forget that we are not on the same path and our successes are meaningless to someone else, just as their failures are meaningless to us. I will start following the path that works for me and I will enjoy the journey.

Musings II

The Thinker Auguste RodinI had a several things that I wanted to post about.  None of them were fully fleshed out.  I thought I would include another post on my random musings.

1. Pet Peeve: Lazy dog owners Most dogs are really territorial, especially if they are protecting families.  If you are going to let your dogs out of the yard, near you house, you should probably be out there with them.

2. Running out of…  Working under a lot of stress for a long period of time can cause your work personality to fracture and bits of your true self (irritated short tempered self) to show.  My workload has been quite high for the past two months.  I have finally run out of … well… its no a good thing to run out of. I am kind of surprised that I lasted this long.  I am also surprised how much my increased workload effects my relationship and work with my co-workers.  Needless to say that we are all having a rough week.  We all ran out of _____’s to give.

3. Friends are Awesome  I do not make friends easily.  Quality over quantity in my world.  Recently I realized that I have a few more friends than I thought I had, and that it is awesome to have friends.  You never know what skills they have to enrich your life.

4. Personal Dilemmas Artist risk a lot when they put their art out for all to see.  Trolls like to hunt them down and do what they can to undermine the confidence of the artist.  What should the artist do?  Take the trolls to heart and change their content to go with the main stream ideals or maybe break all the rules and risk everyone and everything. I would like to say be yourself and do what you planned, but it is hard to ignore what people say and not let it change your works.

5. Cat in a bag


Just my cat Guido in a grocery tote.  I carried him around the house in the bag.  He loved it.



Thanks to WordPorn on Facebook I am learning tons of new words to explain the complex desires, emotions, and thoughts that I have daily.  Today’s word is Novaturient.  It is a adjective meaning; Desiring or seeking powerful change in one’s life, behavior or situation.   Basically how most people feel when they have been doing something for a long time and know that they have grown out of a job/task and the people they work with.

TimeForChangeMany, many people have these feelings.  Many of them do nothing about it.  They just sit in their “status quo” world being miserable. Most do not think they can risk a change.  Change is hard and scary.  No one ever really wants to change.  Most people are creatures of habit and move through the day on auto pilot.  Day in and day out the same thing, hardly a deviation. 

But what if I refuse to change?  How could I break free of the daily rut or grind?  I only have a few suggestions, but they require making a change and possibly taking on extra duties.

1. Pick up a project.  Many offices have “special” projects or tasks that are short term that need to be done.  Why not spice up your job duties by trying one of these tasks.  You will meet some new people, maybe learn a new skill (or use one that has gone unused.)  This may even lead to a new position if it goes well.

2. Decorate your space.  If you work in a cubicle or have an actual work space you can try decorating it (or redecorating it.)  This usually depends on your companies work space policies.  Something as simple as changing the computer’s desktop wallpaper can make a big difference.

3.  Make a slideshow of all the fun or interesting things you get to do at work.  Every time you become unmotivated check out your slideshow or power point and be reminded of the good things about work.

4.  Take your breaks and go some place new.  Go outside for a walk or eat lunch in a new place.  Exercise is known to provide a positive change in mental status (make you happier) and new scenery is always good.

Those are my suggestions.  I am sure there are more out there, feel free to share them.  You might make someones work environment better.

Connected by a Thin Thread

Hello out there.

FistofMoneyI am at work (paying job) and it has been kind of slow.  So slow that I have done all my work and now I am almost bored.  I say almost for two reasons. Number one is that I have FaceBook games to alleviate my boredom.  Number two I downloaded GIMP so I can play around and make some graphics for our CTR Program.

I do not really want to play FB games at work.  I would rather do a blog post about how slow it is 😉  It is close to lunch time and I do not want to get into creating something in GIMP and have to stop just as I get into it.  Art is fickle like that.  You can’t just start and stop and expect things to look good.  Most of the time I have to do things in one sitting to ensure I have consistency through out the image.

I do have the stuff I need to work on something though.  I have an idea, a tool that will work, and I ran to the corner store on my break and got some sugary foods to power my creativity.  While Adobe Illustrator would be ideal, but I do not like the free ware version and I do not have the “need” to have the Adobe creative suite on my machine, graphics is just a side duty.

Another reason not to play FB games is one of my co-workers has direct view of my screen.  They can see pretty much everything I do.  Typing in a blog post almost looks like I am sending an email while FB games do not look productive at all.  I find them kind of annoying, but I keep going back to keep my brain off of how monotonous my job is.  Now that I have GIMP I might look at them less. I am not that concerned.

I think I will sketch out the idea I have for my GIMP project today, head to lunch and then get to work.

Yeah, that sounds like a plan.


Taking Breaks

It is time for a long weekend!
I am very tired of work and would LOVE the chance to refresh over a long weekend. There really should be more. At least one every other month.

I really enjoy my job and the organization I work for is pretty awesome. I accrue Paid Time Off at a very good rate. Taking it is sometimes a problem. I have checked into how many hours the “average” American works and how much PTO they get. We are in the top 10 of most hours worked ! And women tend to work more hours when they “like” their job.  The figures do not leave much of a chance for anyone not to work to hard.
I take great pride in doing my job well. I do not really believe that my trainees have the same pride when it comes to doing their jobs, or my job.  I am pretty sure that my attitude to my work is what helps me work myself into exhaustion.  It’s not like my job is really hard, it is just detailed and involves people.  Lots of people.  People who are stuck in their own bubbles most of the time, caught up in their own self importance.  That is the most tiring part of my job, dealing with those people.

Anyway!  That was not where I was going with this.

In the US companies only have to offer 5 of the 11 Federal Holidays.  Most companies go with Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year Day, and Memorial Day.  That is not even enough to take one long weekend every other month!  With Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year all in the same time the end of the year is seriously holiday heavy.  This leaves employee’s having to budget their PTO so they can cover the excessive amount of time off at the end of the year.

Many people choose to work through all the holiday’s they can for the bonus pay.  Then cash out their PTO to afford nice things, like extra Christmas gifts or down payment on a car or home.  These people tend to burn out quickly, if they cannot find a balance.

I am kind of like that.  I usually work 90% of the holidays one year and take my holidays and a few long weekends the following year.  I am starting to notice that I have a lower tolerance for this since I have started my internship.  I REALLY want to take every holiday I can.  Either to relax or work on things for my internship.  In the end I am still working and that keeps me tired.

Now I have a question.  What do you do with your Paid Time Off?

Some nice info-graphs for everyone to enjoy 🙂

womenwork working-hours110819.TribeHR-Work-Hours

Dressing for Success?

I had another post planned, but this crazy thought hit me while I was prepping for a paying photography gig.  I always dress “for the job I want.”  When I am promoting myself and working for clients, I take quite a bit of time to prep my appearance.  There are TONS of studies and articles that will tell you that humans make snap decisions about people based of off their appearance.   Yet there are still people out there that wear jeans and tee-shirts to interviews.  People that have to be told to dress nice before a gig or job.


Everyone has a dream. Why not dress for it (when appropriate?)

There is this great saying that popped into my head while I was getting my stuff together.  “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”  I want to be a successful business woman, so when I am with a client or on a job, that is how I dress.  Occasional I dress better than the occasion calls for, BUT I am still dressing for the job I want.  If I wanted to be a plumber, I would wear overalls and carry a plunger as an accessory. If I was happy where I was I would were my uniform everywhere.

When people come into my office for a job interview with the boss, the admin assistant and I have a pretty good idea of who is even going to be considered based on their outfit.  Jeans are an imitate no.  You can have the best and most appropriate resume in the world and if you show up in jeans, you might as well just leave.  Don’t waste our time with you lack of research and understanding of what a job interview details.  Bring what was asked, know a little about the company, and dress to impress. 

It is really hard to know what to wear.  I struggle with it a lot.  It is not natural to many people.  I look back on my first real “business casual” work environment and I have to laugh at how much research I did.  I had not idea what it was, and how casual could I get away with.  I think it is much easier for men to go business casual.  Most of the department stores are set up for casual, business casual, business and formal for you.  Not women.  We have to hunt for business casual.  Most of the stores are sorted by size, not where it is appropriate to wear something.  The term business causal is also a lot more lose for women than men.  Women can wear almost anything that is not too short, jean, or really flashy.  That leaves a lot of space to have to search through.  Not fun for those who are fashion challenged.

As silly as it is, the TV show What NOT to Wear helped me out a lot.  There were some very enlightening moments when I learned that color is not scary, and patterns can go with other patterns, even if you think they don’t. 

Regardless of what helped me.  Sometimes you just need to take a friend to help you pick out some cloths.  Just because they are supposed to be nice and semi-formal does not mean that they cannot reflect your personality.

When I started job searching in Tacoma I started off with a white shirt and black pants.  A fairly generic outfit. One that I hoped said “I can start right now.”  That is not what it said.  My outfit was saying “I’m boring and have no taste.”  The second I added a red shirt and some jewelery I was getting offers.  The little change and I was in.  I was passionate, bold, willing to stand out and be heard.  I got noticed and it was good.

I should wrap this up.

In summary:

1. Dress for the job you WANT, not the job you have (or will have.)

2. Do research!

3. Find something that has a bit of your personality in it.

4. Your goal is to dress better than the person interviewing you!

5. Not interviewing?  Dress better than your client.

Have fun out there!


Dress for the job you want. When it is appropriate!!