Not a very Motivational Monday

I try quite hard to keep a positive mindset.  I find that if I focus on the good things in a situation that I do better to get through it.  This year it has been exceptionally challenging to do this.
Some of the problems we (spouse and I) are facing are directly caused by us.  We were doing well at the beginning of the year so we were not managing our money well (less well than I originally thought.)  I quite my stable and good paying job (I do not regret it.)  Now we are plagued by things that are seemingly out of our control but caused by our actions early this year.
My spouse has been unable to get a consistent job.  My art is not selling well (I knew this was going to be the case.) People who want my art are having financial issues as well. I am not able to get a consistent job (waiting on the government to process some paper… really over 9 months!)
We do not qualify for most federal aide as we do not have children nor are we disabled.
I feel that we are in a pit and it is pouring rain out.  The pit is slowly filling with sludge and we are getting covered instead of being able to float to the surface.
My eternal optimism says we will get through this, more or less intact.  There is a part of me that would like to give up the fight and just walk away from everything.  Live off grid in the mountains or something equally as difficult or impossible.
The optimism wins out, because I am an eternal optimist, even if I do not act like it.
In an effort to give myself a boost I found some quotes to share.
I am not drawing the quote today.  I am NOT that optimistic right now.  Plus I am working on getting ready for Jet City Comic Show in Tacoma, Washington this weekend.
Yes, yes, yes.  I want to quit.  I want to hide away and never show my face to the world again.  Yet, I will not.  I want to share my art with everyone.  I want to make them see and feel and think new things.  So I will keep going, because I have not accomplished my goal yet.
I was “busy” Friday.  Sheer stubbornness made me waste a bunch of time on something.  I could have been working on other things.
 I am doing this one.  I have never done a lot of the things that I did this year.  I am learning and growing.
 I make lots of these.  I try a lot.
Thank you for reading.
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Motivation Monday.. Revisit

Last Monday I posted a Motivation Monday without an image.  I just could not paint/draw it fast enough.  My work space was completely taken over with Inktober and a painting.  This weekend I cleared off the desk and did the painting!
The quote was from Nelson Mandela.
“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”
There are many other quotes about overcoming fear and how to be more productive. It seems to me they all really just say the same thing.  Feel the fear and do the thing. (There is a book called “Feel the fear and do it anyway” that is worth the read.)
 I like analogies.  I think things are easier to understand there is a story or analogy to go along with it. I enjoy creating visual analogies based on how I understand things.  This painting came about because I came upon a great analogy for fear while walking last Monday.
If life is like swimming/walking or something similar.  Then fear is a band or ribbon blocking your path/route.  Many are happy to just slumber and stay in the “comfort zones” and never push past tahe ribbons of fear.  They will never get anywhere but they are not concerned with that.  They are happy where they are.  If you can overcome your comfort inertia and bust through the ribbons of fear you can accomplish great things.
Anyway that is where my brain was when I thought and created this.
I did some minor editing to increase the saturation in colors.  THEN  I had fun and altered the hue to make this crazy red version.  I suppose it is more scary and shows more fear.  I did blue/green to show that there is a level of calm and comfort between the layers of fear.
Which one do you think fits the concept of pushing through fear better?
I would love to hear your thoughts.
PS.  I put out a YouTube video yesterday.  The first 15 days of Inktober!
I also put up new time lapse videos every Thursday, so subscribe to my channel 🙂

Motivation Monday 14

The inevitable happened.

I used a quote a second time.

I have a hard time finding quotes that give me ideas. I find tons of great and motivational quotes and I even have a list of ones that I really like. The problem is that they give me nice visuals one day, and nothing the next.

Today is an Inktober / Drawlloween flavor of an Elon Musk quote I used a while ago.

“When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.”


It is true.

Think of all the challenges you never thought you would overcome. Getting a job… or maybe a better job. Maybe the challenge was something you did NOT do… get arrested, go to jail, get fired.

Our lives are filled with challenges; some easy, some hard. If it is important that you overcome the challenge, you will. You might never know how you did it but you will do it and you will survive.

An example is being a single parent. Try working two jobs to provide for your child. Maybe even take night classes so you can quite one in a few years. Many people are living this life, some with more than one child.

Another example is being a survivor of a horrific event. All of your friends/family are gone, you are the only one left. You are a shell of a person just living off the routine you had. The events of the past few months are leaving many in this situation.

Maybe you are a recovering addict. Maybe you had to move because there would be no way for you to recover where you were living. No job, no friends, no family, no support. Another life that many people are living.

All of these are realities.

It might be yours.

It might be your neighbors.

It might be reality for the guy who serves your coffee.

And in order to survive, you will do what you need to… WHATEVER is important for you to survive.

Motivation Monday #13

Today’s motivation is from George Bernard Shaw.
“Life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.”
I totally agree.
When you start off you are mostly what your parents want you to be.  They pick the bits and pieces of themselves that are “best” and give them to you.  As you grow up you are exposed to more and more people with different “best” things you can pick and chose which ones will serve you best.  As time goes on you can chose to get rid of things that no longer have a place.
In the end you are this amazing mosaic, a sculpture using various clays, stones, woods, and so many other materials.
I tried to take my time on this.
I am just so tired today.  Getting up at 3:30 is not helping my afternoon energy levels.  Plus I was on the phone with “customer service.”  That will suck the life out of anyone.  AAANNNDD the problem was not resolved.  I have to call again tomorrow.
On the plus side.  Once this is resolved, it should be the LAST little bit of the fallout from the financially rough year I have had.
…not… no energy.
I did buy myself some Double Stuf Oreos though.  mmmmm heaven.
Have a great week.  I will post about arty things on Thursday.
Don’t forget to check out ArtByCarissaC on Youtube.  New videos on Thursdays!  (Time Lapse Thursday…?  is that a good name for them?)
I also have a bunch of stuff in my Etsy shop.  Original art that has been framed, and framed prints.  More will be coming (once I get more green.)
I am ALWAYS open to feedback and suggestions on improving my art, postings, and videos.  Feel free to leave comments and input.
I WANT to get better!
I messed up the wording of the quote.  I do that when I am not paying attention. *Sigh*

Motivation Monday #12

Getting this post in just under the proverbial line.
It was an interesting day today.  I did lots of things.
House work.
Dropped off frames at a friends “Frame Rescue and Rehab Center.”  That is a joke.  He is just framing lot of his epic art and is always looking for cool ones.  I found some for him.  Plus we got to chat.  I do not have many friends I can just chat with.
Ran up to Blick in Seattle to get some red ink (I got two) and a few other odd and ends.  I found this really awesome paper that I am going to use for a cool arty Halloween or Day of the Dead thing.
I got caught in the rain and was damp during the whole bus ride home (damp in jeans sucks.)
It took forever to get home.
Then I warmed up and relaxed.
Ran a quick errand and made dinner.
Chilled with the spouse and added the pen to the sketch I did on the way up to Seattle.
Now I should be heading to bed but I wanted to try to get
this posted real quick.
2017-09-18 22.33.14The quote today is…
“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”  penned by Ralph Waldo Emerson.  He was a philosopher poet kind of person.  He was really interested in transindentalism… basically people are good and the “system” has made the people corrupt.  All people are able to be great and if they are left to their own devices they will do great things.
I like the idea of this, but I do not beleive it would ever work out.  There are people that are not good.  There are people who just want to have everything that other people have.  There is a reason why we have seven deadly sins.  People are flawed.
But a cool idea.
PS.  I LOVE the new layout for the media WordPress.  It will be so much easier to find things. ❤

Motivation Monday 11

I go so busy creating art that I forgot about the Motivation Monday blog post!

Usually I do a quick bit of art then type up the blog post. Not yesterday. I spent hours on it. There were lots of little details and fiddly bits. Then I colored it in… which takes me forever with colored pencil.

Yesterday’s quote comes from Robert Green Ingersoll. Wikipedia says he was a lawyer, orator (talker,) teacher, and even a military vet from the civil war. His father was very religious, which made an impact on his views later in life. He was referred to as “the great agnostic.” I like this guy more with ever sentence I read about him! He sounds like a well rounded guy that loved to think and understand things. A great person to get a motivational quote from.

“A great man is a torch in the darkness, a beacon in superstition’s night, an inspiration and a prophesy.” Robert Green Ingersoll.

I had a hard time picking a quote. I wanted to honor September 11th in some way. That did not work out for me. Everything I saw was overly religious or very hateful to various groups of people. There were some funny sarcastic ones, but sarcasm is often lost in text. There was not a lot about the courage to rebuild or how people join together. That made me sad.

Torch_MotivationMonday_THUMBI settled on Mr. Ingersoll’s quote because it was a good medium between where I wanted to go and what was available.

You cannot always tell who is great when they are walking down the street. We all look pretty much the same when en-mass. Lots of people just trying to get from point a to point b efficiently and in a similar condition as we were when we started (unmolested physically, mentally, and spiritually.) I made my ‘great’ people a different color so the art would reflect the quote more.

What makes a ‘great’ person anyway? Are they more generous than most others? Are they better at a specific thing? Or maybe they are “good” at a bunch of little things? Is greatness a personality trait or a way of life? Can it be taught or is it innate?

There are lots of books out there on how to be a “better” you. Will a better you be great?

What do you think makes a great person? I am interested in knowing.

Motivation Monday 9

Two posts in one day!

Has the eclipse made me mad?

 No.  It has just been a busy day and I have a lot to share.


 The quote I chose for today is from George Gordon Byron, better known as Lord Byron. A popular English poet and politician. I probably could have posted the quote without telling you the author and you probably would have guessed who it was from.

 “Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray.”

 In summary, be someones happiness or good thing in the day. It will carry over to their tomorrow and make it better.

 I do not want anyone to have a bad day because of me. I would much rather be the thing that made someones day good. There are enough people and life events that can make a day bad. You do not need to add it it.

 Plus, you doing good makes your day better as well.

 This image was inspired by the quote and the eclipse that happened today. I did not get to see it. I was stuck inside working on lots of things for my future as an artist. I can say that the way the shadows changed was quite disconcerting.

 In addition to all the work stuff, my back was very painful today. I tried to stay sitting or laying. I have a full day tomorrow and I want to be as functional as I can be.