The Canvas is…

…A window. What gets painted on them is what I imagine I can see through the window.

I try to come up with a composition that works in my frame. What could you see if you were three or four feet from a window, looking out.

The branches of a cherry tree or dogwood stretching across the sky. A fish swimming past. A mythical creature running past.

…A box. What can you fit into it?

A magic skull, or maybe a person.

Ooo this gave me some great ideas! (happy artist)

…A portal or door way. Where would you go if you had a magic portal?

I spend most of my time treating the canvas like a window. I like to take a third person viewpoint and imagine what one would see. This allows me to imagine a huge scene, but only see a small portion of it. I feel more free, knowing what is seen is not all that there is.

When imagine the canvas as a box, I feel confined and my art reflects the feeling.

Imagining the canvas as a door is similar to it being a window. The only difference is what is on the other side. Things can spill through doors once they are open.

Have a good week!


A Little Low

There are days when I feel more negative things than positive.

I do my best to keep it from leaking out, but I am sure people can tell.

I can usually pick myself up by writing things out, so here goes!

Yesterday was a pretty bad day. I am not even sure why it was bad. I was productive. I worked on art, prepped this blog post, completed several chores, and took pictures in a cemetery. Honestly, it was a pretty productive day.

So why did I feel so useless and empty?

I am kind of angry also. Angry that people got straight to “hormones” whenever a female is not feeling like they usually do. Angry that most of what I am can be attributed to a good or bad hormone day.

I am also angry at my current financial situation. The only thing I could have done to make it better was stay where I was, slowly getting sadder and sadder, and fatter and fatter. I do not think that giving up my physical and mental health was worth the wage I received anymore.

There are other things I am angry about my financial situation, but I need to work those out with my spouse.

Maybe I am not feeling useless and empty, maybe I am just angry at a lot of things, most of which I have no control over. That could be a good answer.

I have a large commission coming up. I have to fine tune the sketches and confer with my client. This will be a good thing, it means keeping busy, creating income and getting out and exercising.

I have a small painting I am finishing up.

I have the prospect of another mural for a business and two more events. Things may or may not be as bad as I think or envision. I just need to keep taking the steps to make things work.

I am feeling a bit of the hope coming back.

Ribbon Gymnast in a comet

Almost done, just a few things to fix. I like the silhouette in this one much more than version 1.

Silent and Plotting

I have not been doing nothing while failing to post anything on my blog.

I have been creating new art and planning.

I am not going to share the plans yet.  Every time I do something seems to happen to keep me from following through.  Not failing to follow through this year.  This year stuff will happen.

I have finished some things that I started earlier in 2016 and done so many new things since I last posted.

I am getting better at drawing and painting as well.  It is great to see the changes in my style.  Seeing the things that stay the same and the things that change.  All it takes is practice, lots of practice.

Here are two of the things I got done last year.

There is so much more to come!

Click on the pictures so you can read my captions!  They explain the art a bit.



So Busy

I have been really busy the past few weeks.

I have done so many things.

  • Photographed plants in 2 Gardens
  • Photo shoot in a SteamPlant (way cool)
  • Mothers day pics
  • Creepy Angel
  • Working on a stippling commission 12×22 inches (I am insane!)
  • Stretch canvases for new paintings, 3 so far.  More to go.
  • Spring clean house (darn chores)
  • Crypticon – Zombie Face paint
  • I feel like I am missing something…
    • There is always something more

Either way, I am kind of tired now.  I need a day off.  Time to do nothing and be nothing.

If you check out my Instagram account you will get to see all the crazy things I have been up to in visual form.

I am still trying to get prints made.  I keep running into roadblocks (mostly the green paper kind.) I hope to have stuff by the end of September.  Things are looking up!

Enjoy these images of my crazy few months.  Go, GO, GO!!



I like to celebrate my birthday.  It is something that is important to me.

I do not do it because I want the attention or things.  I do it because I like that I am alive.  I like to celebrate my birthday to honor all of the things I am, do and will do.  I celebrate to honor my past and future.  All those that I have  met and will  meet.  All the things I will have experienced or will experience.

On my birthday I get to celebrate ALL of the things that make me me.  Most other holidays you only get to celebrate a part of you.  I get to celebrate the macabre side of me on Halloween, the spouse side of me on my anniversary, the family side of me during most other holidays.  My birthday is the day where I can be all of me, not just a tiny part.

A lot of people get hung up on the number or year that they are celebrating.  In my mind that is not worth celebrating.  Getting stuck on the number is only going to get depressing.  There are not many ages worth celebrating. 16, 18, 21… Great, you can drive, vote and drink.  People dread 30, like it is the end of the world.  More dread 40, like it makes you old or something.

I think you should be proud that you have been around to circle the sun 30, 40, 50, 60, on and on times.  Each rotation adds knowledge, skills and experiances.  Things you can pass onto others,  or horde for yourself (if you want.)

Celebrate being you for another year.  You have chances to accomplish things.  You can take care of anything that you will regret later.  You get to have experiances.

You are ALIVE!


Joy.  Ink wash Painting, by me!  I HATE Orange.  I do not even like to eat oranges.  I thought I would try something different, since I went out of my way to buy some orange  ink.  UGH  This is NOT my favorite thing.   I would like it more if it was in  different colors.



Change of Pace

When I create a drawing or painting, all of my faculties work together.  They are all on the same page, working to a common goal.  Every so often the harmony is lost and I am not able to continue in my current medium or style.  When that happens you have to change things up.

So many things have to work together to create art.  Hands, eyes, brain, lighting, bushes, paint, pens, ink, and mood to name a few.  If any of these things is off or out of balance, the art will suffer.  The artist may set it aside until balance is restored or destroy it and work on something else.

Most of the time I will keep the piece in progress for a week or two.  Any longer and I know I will not finish the piece.  I work on something until it is done.  The down side is that I get burnt out on a style pretty quickly. This leads to times of inactivity or significant changes in style and medium.

Change is not a bad thing.  It keeps the mind from getting stuck in a rut.  It keeps the body fresh and happy.  It keeps the art stores in business.  It keeps the fans from getting bored with your work also.

This week I tried to work on a Valentines themed drawing.  It was not awesome.  Despite all the planning and sketching, my mind lost focus, and the whole thing turned out terrible.  I tossed it as soon as I realized that it was not going to turn out.  I may revisit it later, but it is doubtful.  I will probably work on something completely different.

20160109_134609To keep up the creative pace I chose to paint something instead.  I saw a great landscape on one of my walks in January. I took a few reference photos, mostly to ensure I got the colors close.  I was feeling kind of solitary, mellow, yet kind of happy.  Happy that I had time alone and I could enjoy it.

I wanted to paint this as soon as I got home, but I was working on two other things already.  I sketched it out and painted it in my mind.  Waiting for a lull in the ideas for pen and ink.


Only about 8 hours, but worth every second.


There are many things that I avoid because I know they will swallow me up and I will not do what I need to do or want to do. TV for example. Sucks you in and you emerge blinking and with no clue what happened.
I try to avoid getting angry. It just consumes all reason, and does not usually solves the problem. You usually  end up looking like an ass in the end.
This week was tough. I spent my weekend running around and with people. Instead of resting and recharging. This is bound to run anyone’s temper a bit thin. In addition it was hot  (for me anyway,) another contributing factor. Then… well lets just say a reoccurring dispute raised its head. It was my final straw.
Now I am angry. The simmering, consuming kind. The kind that does not go away until things are resolved or something breaks.
On the plus side, I painted this weekend. I also drew a creepy fish.  Enjoy!


Creepy fangfish ( anger,) eating a representation of me. Nomnomnom.


Lots of calming blue and some bubbles. Who can stay mad with bubbles?


More bubbles. Still angry... Bubbles, You have failed me!