Super Busy!

After last weeks “busy work” of photographing all my art (an annoying tedious process,) I am…
…still doing “busy work.”
The only reason I am not as bummed out about it is that this “busy work” goes places.  I have been emailing people all week to try to get into events and maybe be a part of a “art for a cause” showcase.
Today has been particularly fruitful as I have an order for 30 cards (squeee,) a commission, and hopefully the originals of my skull experiment will be heading to their new home (waiting on payment, bah.)  I also got replies to several emails and have a few things on the way for my first event in 10 days!
Petrified and excited all at once.
In two days I will be fully self employed.  I will no longer be working full time for someone else’s dream.  I get to work full time for my dream.
Being a pragmatic person, I am still not sure I can do it.  I will not know until I try though… right?
I have been so happy with the level of support I have gotten.  Everyone I have gotten feedback from is excited and encouraging.  It makes me feel that I can do it. “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, said the little train.”
I STILL have not made anything new this week.
One of my favorite creations is the “Haunted Dryad.”  I worked really hard to get it done (still missed by self imposed deadline.) I stayed up late on work nights and worked on it all of my “free time.”  I barely gave myself any rest.  Over 60 hours later (spread out over 2 weeks) and about 1,188,000 dots later it was done.  So were many pens, and a good portion of my sanity (so says my spouse.)

Stippling! 60 hours and an estimated 1,188,000 dots. I think this is my best work this year


So Busy

I have been really busy the past few weeks.

I have done so many things.

  • Photographed plants in 2 Gardens
  • Photo shoot in a SteamPlant (way cool)
  • Mothers day pics
  • Creepy Angel
  • Working on a stippling commission 12×22 inches (I am insane!)
  • Stretch canvases for new paintings, 3 so far.  More to go.
  • Spring clean house (darn chores)
  • Crypticon – Zombie Face paint
  • I feel like I am missing something…
    • There is always something more

Either way, I am kind of tired now.  I need a day off.  Time to do nothing and be nothing.

If you check out my Instagram account you will get to see all the crazy things I have been up to in visual form.

I am still trying to get prints made.  I keep running into roadblocks (mostly the green paper kind.) I hope to have stuff by the end of September.  Things are looking up!

Enjoy these images of my crazy few months.  Go, GO, GO!!


An Introduction to Drawing Techniques: Stippling

There are a lot of different ways to draw.  Most of the time we use lines to create the basic shapes and even to indicate where shadows are.  There are other ways to go about it though.  One of the most time consuming yet interesting ways is to use dots.


Stippling! 60 hours and an estimated 1,188,000 dots. I think this is my best work this year.

Using dots to create an image (in the drawing world) is called stippling.  If you were painting or using colors it would fall under the pointillism style.  Definitely an abstract way to go about creating an image, but beautiful, in my opinion.

This past year I have done several drawings using stippling. While very time consuming, the results look very unlike any other drawing style.  It is indistinct when looked at up close, just a collection of dots.  When viewed at the correct distance the image is reviled.

Like most other drawings (or any art) you start off with an outline of each shape or section.  Make notes or some way to tell yourself how dark each area will be.  Having decent sketches and reference photos/images for the illustration are going to be a big help.

My process:

First I look up some reference photos. I like to check for textures, positioning, layout, lighting, and other things that make a drawing come to life. Google is great for this.  Lots of images with different view points.  This is also a good time to pick you medium.  All the samples I have are in pen.  You will need to make allowances for the size or color of your medium.  That will dictate how close your dots need to be in order to achieve the effect you want.

Second I sketch out the layout in my sketch book.  Most of the time that is all I do.  If I have trouble with any of the shapes or textures, I will do some practice, but not often. (No images of this.  I do not usually document this part.)


Done on black paper with a white GellyRoll pen. This was really fun.

Next up is moving to the nice medium.  Sketch out your design on your paper (or canvas.)  Make sure to mark areas that will need extra attention.  Fine but defined lines, almost black or black areas, and solid white areas, are good to mark well.

Pick a spot and get started.  This is going to vary depending on the piece and you.  I like to start on the key object (s), once that is done I work from the top down.

Like anything the key is to have fun and take breaks.  Lots of breaks.  Ever time you start going cross-eyed or have trouble seeing the area you are working on, take a break.  Make sure you eat.  Shaky hands are not helpful when stippling.


GreatMinds - EleanorRoosevelt

Overall I am pleased with how this turned out. I hope you enjoy it.

GreatMinds - EleanorRoosevelt

Great Minds

I finally finished!

I put it up on DeviantArt if anyone wants to download(FREE wallpaper) it or buy a magnet or mug.  It looks very nice as a computer desktop wallpaper.

Now I can work on the other two drawings.


GreatMinds - EleanorRoosevelt

Overall I am pleased with how this turned out. I hope you enjoy it.


Some WordArt

This week I spent my drawing/doodling time creating some word art for each of the colors of pens that I have.  IT was a fun little project and I got to try different things for the different words.

As simple as “RED” is it took the longest at 3 hours.  “BLACK” was the fastest at 1 hour.

I also spent some time on my new big project.


Goopy Brown stuff.  Micron Pen


Rubbery Orange, Micron Pen


Glowing Red, Micron Pen


White on Black, snow in the dark?  GellyRoll Pen


Fancy Black, Copic Pen


Green will always be nature related to me, Micron Pen


This one has been shared but is part of the set. Pilot Hi-Tec-C Pen

2015-07-25 16.18.03

What happens when one is not thinking ahead. Pilot Hi-Tec-C Pen


You Made IT!

Congratulations on reaching your goal.

Whatever it was.

I made it through a tough work week.  I managed to draw every day this week.  I made it thought tonight’s image (I wanted to quite several times)  I made my exercise goals.

There are so many goals that were reached and we never congratulate ourselves for making them.

You made it.  Reward yourself!

Even if it is a small as a pat on the back or 15 minutes of quiet time.  You deserve it.


You made it! You reached your goals! You should celebrate


Eyes to See

On my way home a quote came to mind.  Something about having eyes to see, ears to hear, hands to touch, a heart to feel and a mind to think.  Then a mouth to give voice to your experiences.

Now that I am at home I cannot find the quote. I have a feeling it is probably a religious quote of some sort.  While doing a quick search I found another quote that I really like and think about a few times a week.  Maybe not in the exact words, but pretty darn close.

“Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty if only we have eyes to see them.” 

~John Ruskin

I like this quote much better.

Every day, when I start to take things for granted, I go for a walk and see the awesome pictures nature is painting.  The walk puts my mind in a better place and I can continue on with my day.  When things get rough, I know I can go outside and see a new painting, a new wonder.

Today I drew “eyes to see.”  I have three variations.  I like the purple ones, but the gradient ones are all dark and broody, which is interesting.  Enjoy.


“Eyes to see” with a bit of a gradient on top. I think it makes the eyes a bit broody.


“Eyes to see” with a bit of a gradient on top. I think it makes the eyes a bit broody.


“Eyes to see” no gradient, I only adjusted the black/white to remove the weird lighting that happens with cellphone pictures