A Month of Sundays

There are lots of sayings we have that are odd.  A month of Sunday’s can be one of those.

“I would like to sleep for a month of Sunday’s.”

“I need a vacation/holiday that lasts a month of Sunday’s.”

How many of us have actually done the math on that?

The average month is 30 days.  That means 30 weeks have to pass for you to have 30 Sundays.  That is over half a year, about 7.5 months.  That is a lot of sleep, or a very long holiday.

Today’s drawing was going to be a depiction of a month of Sunday’s.  It got a little complicated so I drew a cave instead… I am in there hibernating, for 7.5 months.  I might come out after a fortnight of Sunday’s. 😉

I joke.  Fourteen weeks of Sunday’s is way to much for me.  I can barley handle two weeks of straight vacation time, I have no clue how I would deal with fourteen.

Enjoy the cave and all the fun color treatments I gave it in Picasa (it worked today.)


The basic drawing of the cave. All I did was crop it and make the “blacks black.”


I added some warmth to this and a bit of fun with Sepia.


This version has some interesting treatments. Based of the sepia version, I added a blue/green tint to the top half, then added an additional “warmify” layer. I also added a bit of a retro style filter, I just cannot remember which one… shame on me.

It is a Tree

A personal best, 10 miles in one day (walking.)  That translates to “I am to tired to draw anything complicated.”
I actually had something started and I ruined it. To tired to focus on what to draw.
We are left with a 15 minute tree.
Have a good week. I am going to rest up, that is a lot of walking for one day.



No Fred, the king of the Lizards today. My evening plans did not really permit such a detailed drawing. Instead you get this odd abstract thing.
I am not sure if this is a explosion of leaves (leaf bomb) or something is producing so much light it is pushing the color off the trees. Both seem equally plausible.

No fancy editing either. I am doing this post on a tablet, it is late, and i have to get up early ( for a weekend.)

Night, Rock on.



Go with the Flow

What I had planned for today and what happens for today are two different things.

At some point in the day I ran out of “Happy” and just did not have any more energy to deal with things.  Everything took so much effort.  Reading, typing, writing, talking, thinking, everything.

Today we have another one over the weekend.  The paper pool, or maybe one of the happier ones?

Happier it is.  In a terrible cellphone pic.  I will set up my scanner this weekend!


“Here is the truth: Your situation is never permanent. It is what you make it. Life is not solid, it is fluid, it CHANGES.”


What Matters

Yesterday I read about another shooting of police.  I read about racists and murders condoning more murders and in the same breath say that it is their duty to fight for equality.

I do not understand how this can make sense to anyone.  How can you reach equality through murder?


All life matters. Together is the only way we can grow and succeed.

Last night I went to bed thinking “What can I do?”

I did some research to try and understand everyone’s point of view.  I read news, blogs, tweets, rants and raves.  I still do not understand.

A life is a life.

As a society we only seem to value the life of a person who contributes to society OR one that is willing to pay for the right to be heard (more common now-a-days is seems.)

Everyday billions of people get up, go to their various jobs and return home to take care of their families.  All we want to do is do what must be done to survive.  In most cases this does not include killing people (war excluded.)

Our jobs should not make us targets.  The color of our skin, religion (or lack of,) gender, sexual orientation or creed (nation of birth) should NOT make us a target of another’s prejudice.

I realize that the different races did some horrible things to some other races.  Heck, race A – tribe A did horrible things to race A – tribe B.  What happened to our ancestors trickles down into today.  We should be able to learn and over come these horrors in our history.

We will not be able to master fates, or the fate of the planet we call Earth, until we are able to value all life.

I thought long about what I could do.

It came to me creating a small icon.  I hope that others will share it (maybe improve upon it.)