Lightning and Thunder

Today I left the house in the fog. It was heavy and made things hard to breath. I was a sweaty mess by the time I reached work.

The fog cleared and the sun came out with a vengance. It was still muggy. My normal walk over lunch was not comfortable.

The clouds came in and caused wonderful lightning and thunder. There was no rain while I walked home.

Within 10 minutes of getting home rain pelted down.

My spouse and I stood on the porch and watched the rain and counted the spaces between the lightning and thunder.

I have been so stressed out this year that I needed the little bit of peace that this rain brought.

I have not created any new things this week. I have been photographing my art so I can add better pictures to my catalog and MAYBE put some original items up on Etsy (if I can ever get it going.)

Today is going to be a slow day for me, a recovery day.

One more week and I will be self employeed.

Two weeks before my first event as a vendor, Oddmall Tacoma.


Happy Hump Day!

I just want to go for a walk.


well, not much I can do on this now.

My netbook screen is broken.

I just wanted to edit ONE picture so I can post it with my blog.

I have to wait for Picassa on the desktop to load ALL the freaking photos so I can edit ONE!

*grumble* *grumble* *grumble*

its a race to see if Photoshop or Picassa will get done first.


Photoshop won!


I sharpened this one up in Photoshop. the picture was really bad.


Forest with a brook, in green


Eyes to See

On my way home a quote came to mind.  Something about having eyes to see, ears to hear, hands to touch, a heart to feel and a mind to think.  Then a mouth to give voice to your experiences.

Now that I am at home I cannot find the quote. I have a feeling it is probably a religious quote of some sort.  While doing a quick search I found another quote that I really like and think about a few times a week.  Maybe not in the exact words, but pretty darn close.

“Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty if only we have eyes to see them.” 

~John Ruskin

I like this quote much better.

Every day, when I start to take things for granted, I go for a walk and see the awesome pictures nature is painting.  The walk puts my mind in a better place and I can continue on with my day.  When things get rough, I know I can go outside and see a new painting, a new wonder.

Today I drew “eyes to see.”  I have three variations.  I like the purple ones, but the gradient ones are all dark and broody, which is interesting.  Enjoy.


“Eyes to see” with a bit of a gradient on top. I think it makes the eyes a bit broody.


“Eyes to see” with a bit of a gradient on top. I think it makes the eyes a bit broody.


“Eyes to see” no gradient, I only adjusted the black/white to remove the weird lighting that happens with cellphone pictures

It is a Tree

A personal best, 10 miles in one day (walking.)  That translates to “I am to tired to draw anything complicated.”
I actually had something started and I ruined it. To tired to focus on what to draw.
We are left with a 15 minute tree.
Have a good week. I am going to rest up, that is a lot of walking for one day.


Well, That Did Not Go As Planned

I had a lovely post planned for tonight. It was about my dislike of Tuesday. I even had a little cartoon planned for it. I even had a backup post planned!

I got home, finished  the coulrophobia ( clown phobia) drawing. I did a few quick sketches  for my arachnophobia (spiders) drawing.
I had a bright idea to go for a walk before I started my blog post and comic. Even better, I asked my spouse and a friend  if they wanted to go.  Two and a half hours, four miles and a cheese burger later, we got home.  I had 30 minutes to finish of a spider sketch and start winding down for the night.

That is the story of why there is no new material for you awesome people tonight.

On a plus side, I have two illustrations to scan (three if I work hard tomorrow.) I will be able to post them this week. Yaaaay!

Here is something I drew for just such a situation.


Actually, I may have shared this before. I am on a tablet and I do not want to risk losing my work to check the gallery.


I should be resting…

I should still be resting after ECCC, taking it easy and going to bed early.  As my Doctor points out “Your not 20 anymore.”



Old firebox on the exterior of an old building I walked past today. I love the small amount of the red left. The emblem for the maker is still very clear.

Today I walked 7 miles total.  It felt really good to walk around at my own pace.  Not the half steps of the packed convention hall or the rushed strides I do at work.  I even took a few nice cellphone pics.

Tonight’s drawing is practice for an idea I have for a painting.  I need to work out some of the background details before I get started.  There should be 2 paintings coming up in the next quarter.  I am excited!


I like drawing nature. It just comes easier for me than people. People are hard, the stuff under the skin makes a difference. Sneaky


I walk a lot.  I have posted this fact many times.

Today I walked down by a very scenic part of Tacoma, Wa,  Ruston Way.

I took a bunch of photos and since I was tired after the walk, I drew “me” walking.

The proportions are off, but I do not think it is to bad.  The first full body person I have drawn in a very long time.


Walk it off. Walk off your problems, walk away your worries, walk your way to a solution.

Walking is very therapeutic, in my opinion.  You can walk as fast or as slow as your mind allows.  You can solve problems, create ideas, or just empty your head.  Walking is also pretty good for exercise (why I went today.)

My body is invigorated, yet tired, and my mind has relaxed and not stuck on one problem.  All because I got off my butt and went for a walk.

In addition you get some of my cellphone pictures.  Hope you enjoy them.  I enjoyed taking them. 🙂


Mt. Rainier from Ruston Way in Tacoma, Wa


Picnic table in a field of flowers. Cute little place to eat a picnic. Ruston Way, Tacoma Wa.  I really like how this one turned out.


Ruins of a mill or dock along Ruston Way. I think sunset photos will give a much more interesting lighting to these decrepit buildings.