Four Elements

This week, in addition to my big drawings, I have been playing with my new pens (cheesy grin.) ❤

I will rave about the darn things until I cannot hold them anymore.  These are the Hi-Tech-C pens from Pilot.  I wanted to see how the would look with other colors.  I drew the “four” elements: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water.

I plan on doing some other sketches/doodles because I do not really like how these came out.  Keeping the design in a letter was very restricting.


Back to work on the big guys.


Earth is home to many things. I like this one, it was the most fun to draw.


This photo looks neater than the actual drawing.


bubbly and flowing.


not sure, it is air.



There are many things that I avoid because I know they will swallow me up and I will not do what I need to do or want to do. TV for example. Sucks you in and you emerge blinking and with no clue what happened.
I try to avoid getting angry. It just consumes all reason, and does not usually solves the problem. You usually  end up looking like an ass in the end.
This week was tough. I spent my weekend running around and with people. Instead of resting and recharging. This is bound to run anyone’s temper a bit thin. In addition it was hot  (for me anyway,) another contributing factor. Then… well lets just say a reoccurring dispute raised its head. It was my final straw.
Now I am angry. The simmering, consuming kind. The kind that does not go away until things are resolved or something breaks.
On the plus side, I painted this weekend. I also drew a creepy fish.  Enjoy!


Creepy fangfish ( anger,) eating a representation of me. Nomnomnom.


Lots of calming blue and some bubbles. Who can stay mad with bubbles?


More bubbles. Still angry... Bubbles, You have failed me!


No Title Seems to Fit this Post

It has been a little warm for me here in the great Northwest.  Yeah, 85 (ish) is not hot to some, but it is uncomfortably warm for me.  I do not like hot.

I did do some doodles on Friday, but they were very blah, and not worth showing.  I managed to finish one of the drawings in my phobia series late in the evening when the heat had dissipated.  I started on the next one on Saturday.  It is almost done already.


I had fun with this one. It was easy to do and I did not have to force anything.

It is kind of amazing how some works of art just flow out of you, unstoppable and virtually error free.  While others you have to force out, drop by drop.  Both types usually look equally nice.  Personally, I do not get more or less satisfaction from finishing either type.  Both give a type of joy when done.  Easy ones give joy because they were easy and you were at piece most of the time.  Tough ones joy, because it is finally done and you can rest.

The other thing that amazes me…  is how adding black ink makes a pencil drawing so much more alive.  This is really true for a lot of things.  Adding black to paintings for shadows and to add depth really makes certain things “pop” in paintings, makes them almost more real, in a way.  It astounds me to start a drawing in pencil, sketch out everything, exactly where I want it, and then draw it in ink.  It is amazing how much more tangible the final thing is.

It is not an idea anymore.  It has become a real thing.


This one was really hard to get out. I had trouble finding a good view point for reference. Everything just feels wrong to me.


I am not sure if I will be posting anything this week.  It is going to be busy.

I am also still adjusting to not having the convenience of my net-book near my drawing space.  It is a bit annoying to have to move from one work space to another.  I lose my train of thought (one of the reasons for no post of Friday, I got distracted.)

Have a good week!

On the water

I like stippling for two reasons.
1. It looks really cool when you are done.
2. You do not really have to think about much while you are doing it. You can let your mind wander and your had will just keep tapping away.

This drawing took around 80 min. During that time I tapped away and had a nice little meditation.

I have not been on the water alone in a long time. I tried to depict how it feels to be out there. Almost like you are the only real thing in the world… or is it the other way around?



The only solid thing in the world is you and your boat.

Today’s editing was done in SnapSeed. It’s ok. Nice for quick edits. I need to play with it more, it has some hidden stuff.


Thoughts of a Sleepless Me : Water

Of all the places I have lived, I like the places with easy access to water.  I like water.

Water has a music that calms the soul.  In cold weather it is the sound of tiny bells tinkling down a path.  In the summer it is barely audible over the call of birds or the wind communing with the trees.  In the Spring, when the rains come, it is a loud shout, telling the world to move.  In the fall, drained of its energy, it becomes a slow wanderer, looking for a place to rest its head.


A small flow of water as the tide heads out

I could sit for hours by a creek, listening to its song.  When listening was not enough, or the wind was particularly chatty, I could watch the light dance on the water, as it moved down the mountain.  Sparkles and bells. The patterns of the sparkles and the sound of the bells and the song of the wind.

When I lived near the Ocean, the water roared.  The difference between a house cat meow and a lions roar.  Creeks and streams meow, the Ocean roars.  I sat on the docks for hours, just looking at the water.  The sun danced across the surface with the ebb and flow.  I would look into the water and see what was there.  Life happened in the water there.

Even when I lived near the great and, sadly, polluted Potomac river, I enjoyed the water.  One could sit and watch the colors of the sunset/rise reflect off the water and know peace.

Water always knows where it is going.  Down, towards the ocean, to join with the greater.  Even the rain, taken from the larger, falling as tiny drops, know to go down, back towards the larger bodies.  Seep into the ground, become a lake, move towards a stream, join to a creek, become  river, always moving towards the Ocean.  Repeat.

Be like water, the wise ones say.  It is flexible.  Nothing gets in the way of water.  It just moves out of the way.  There are times when water will rage and overcome obstacles by force.  Water knows where it is going, and has not issue with taking it’s time to get there.





Digitally Done

What a good day it has been, overall.

I remembered to get my drawings scanned.  I digitally improved my latest one.  My first digitally “improved” drawing.  Usually I just take a sketch and make it digital, from “scratch.”

None of that here.  I took the awesomeness of my Creepy Clown and enhanced it with a bit o’ color, (removed missed white spots.)

I have to say this process takes a long time.  Most of my time was spent chasing after perceived imperfections in my drawing.  Second was learning how to add textures to my masked area.  I did not want flat boring color.  I wanted creepy clown colors, and that required a texture.

Overall it was pretty simple, being one color that was added.  Only 2 hours playing with it.  I almost dread working on other pieces that I have done.  One color was a pain in the butt, but four or five colors?  That could get tricky and definitely requires a different process.

I am going to re-scan my big drawings at a higher dpi before I add the color to the original (creepy clown at least.)

This was a learning process, and pretty fun.

I will need to practice more to see if I can get better results before I decide to sell prints or anything of my drawings (and paintings!)

Everything is learning!

I hope you enjoy the phobia causing clown.


Creepy Clown, pen and ink, color added digitally (for now.) Drawn and edited by yours truly, Carissa


Go with the Flow

What I had planned for today and what happens for today are two different things.

At some point in the day I ran out of “Happy” and just did not have any more energy to deal with things.  Everything took so much effort.  Reading, typing, writing, talking, thinking, everything.

Today we have another one over the weekend.  The paper pool, or maybe one of the happier ones?

Happier it is.  In a terrible cellphone pic.  I will set up my scanner this weekend!


“Here is the truth: Your situation is never permanent. It is what you make it. Life is not solid, it is fluid, it CHANGES.”